Would You Like to Further Your Career? Why not Get an Associate Degree Online?

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Would You Like to Further Your Career? Why not Get an Associate Degree Online?

In today’s competitive job market wouldn’t it be nice to have a competitive edge? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a career with job prospects well into the future? An associate degree may be just what you are looking for.

What is an Associate Degree?

An associate degree is an academic degree that can be completed in two years and requires 60 hours of class time or approximately 20 courses. This academic degree is usually awarded by community colleges, junior colleges, and four-year universities.

The two year course of study is made up of major classes, electives and general education requirements. Major classes relate directly to your chosen area of study. Electives are courses related to your area of study while general education requirements are courses all students must take, regardless of major. The goal of both elective and general required classes is to provide you with a wide range of experiences and knowledge, beyond your chosen area of study.

An associate degree can either prepare you for a career following graduation or it can be a stepping stone to a bachelor’s degree. This is why associate degrees are broken down to occupational and transfer degrees, occupational leading to immediate job entry and transfer leading into transition to a 4 year college or university.


Why should I obtain an associate degree?

Bachelor’s degree – if you are considering a bachelors degree program, this is a great way to test the waters and determine if you like your chosen career prior to making a 4 year commitment. It allows you to get ready for a 4 year degree program by trying it out on a smaller scale, at a community or junior college.

More money – always a good reason. According to the US Department of Labor, associate degree holders earn, on average, 00 more than their high school counterparts. They also have an easier time of finding jobs as demand for this level of academic training is high.

Chance to enter interesting professions – an associate degree allows you to get training in a specific career within a relatively short amount of time. Associate degrees are offered in areas such as health care, nursing, law, liberal arts, social work, psychology, business, and engineering. You will find that this level of training allows for great opportunity to explore interesting professions.


How to choose a school to obtain an associate degree?

The benefits of an associate degree are clear. But how do you select the right school? When choosing a school to pursue your higher education, consider some of the following:

· Accreditation

· Job placement rate of graduates

· Student transfer rate (if it’s high you don’t want to be at that school)

· Course offerings (make sure the school meets your needs)

· Faculty qualifications (who will be teaching you?)

· School curriculum

Remember, take your time and investigate all your options. You are on the right track to a better and more rewarding career. Make sure you chose the right school to reach your goal.














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