Why Should You Get Your Bachelor Degree?

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Why Should You Get Your Bachelor Degree?

Will Durant, the Pulitzer Prize winning philosopher once said “Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.”  It is this ‘awareness’ of all that you don’t know and the realizing how much limitless knowledge is out there yet to be absorbed that is the greatest gift earning a bachelor’s degree gives you.  Of course there are purely pragmatic reasons to get a college education and earn a bachelor’s degree.  We’ve all read that those with a bachelor’s degree earn on average 40% more than those with just a high school education.  We also know certain jobs require a bachelor’s degree in order to be hired and that this degree is necessary if one want to move up to a Masters or Phd level education.  But it is what it gives to your mind and to your soul that is truly the best part of getting a Bachelor’s Degree.

Life is short.  Each and every one of us has our own unique talents and abilities.  Yet, so many don’t ever fully explore their potential due to a lack of education or the societal limits placed on them because of their lack of a degree.  One thing that is wonderful about going through the experience of attaining your college degree is the exposure it gives you to various different areas of knowledge and establishing a baseline to work off of for any jobs or education that follows.  It is during this process of learning that you can finally recognize what are and are not your strengths.  Perhaps you thought you wanted to pursue something in math, but once in your degree program you find you have a love and affinity for languages.  This revelation might the inspire you to look at different exciting career fields than you ever had thought of and would not have even considered if you didn’t pursue your bachelors.

Another great reason to obtain your bachelors has to do with people.  The truth is that the kinds of people we are exposed to and surround ourselves with is the thing that has the single biggest impact on our lives.  Those that have gone through the discipline and work to achieve at least a Bachelor’s Degree tend to be more motivated, have bigger goals and in general are more ambitious than those that do not take the trouble to pursue higher education.  If you attend college you will meet and form relationships with a whole new world of people that are an entire world away those who stopped at high school.  Similarly, if you obtain your Bachelor’s Degree online, the jobs you will be able to get with the degree will introduce you to a whole new caliber of people, not to mention open up the doors to much higher earnings down the line.

These days with the proliferation of Online Bachelor Degree Programs there really is no longer any excuse why anyone can’t obtain their degree.  There are degrees in just about every subject you can imagine from liberal arts to pre-law and in the sciences, arts, mathematics etc.  While attending an institution of higher learning in person either part or full-time certainly offers a much ‘fuller’ experience and adds the interpersonal relationships that are a great part of the college experience, some of the newer Online Bachelor Degree Programs offer the best of both worlds, allowing interaction with fellow students while offering the ability to do coursework from home.

With the reasonable cost of Online Degree Programs making money almost a non-issue and the ability to work around your own schedule, getting a Bachelor’s Degree is something that everyone should do as an absolute minimum in today’s information society.  It’ll not only grow your paycheck, it’ll also grow your awareness of what other possibilities there are out in the world for you…something that you would never know if you didn’t get your Bachelor’s Degree.  Go to www.BachelorDegree.me for more great articles and information on getting your Bachelor Degree.

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