What Are The Best Physical Therapy Assistant Online Schools?

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What Are The Best Physical Therapy Assistant Online Schools?

In order to become a physical therapy assistant, finding the right school is essential. Physical therapist assistants must earn at least an associates degree to actively practice. In the United States, there are currently more than 250 accredited physical therapy assistant programs.

The curriculum of these programs vary based on the school that you choose, but the fundamentals that are taught are fairly standardized. Students will learn the overall theory and practice of physical therapy as well as several basic medical sciences courses including: chemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology, algebra, and psychology. As with any program, there will also be some more general studies that will be used to supplement the overall curriculum During school, many students opt to participate in clinical internships to gain some hands-on experience before graduation. This is particularly useful for the growing number of students who are trying to get their associates degree through an online college.

Top Rated Online Colleges

1. Penn Foster Career School

The Penn Foster Physical Therapy Aide Program is focused on helping students to learn how to help patients quickly recover from injuries. Some of the highlights in their curriculum include common physical therapy treatments, common physical disorders, and exercise and mobility training. There program is designed to give physical therapy assistants a range of career options. The Penn Foster Physical Therapy Aide Program includes textbooks, lessons, and learning aids that are critical to completing the program.

2. Ashworth College

Ashworth College has become on of the highest rated physical therapy assistant schools. This is primarily because the program is designed to ensure that graduates are highly skilled after completion of the program. The courses are designed to give students answers to both fundamental and advanced questions in step-by-step details. With their program, students can immediately become an asset to their patients regardless of their needs.

3. Stratford Career Institute

The Stratford Career Institute has continued to gain notoriety over past decade, especially their physical therapy assistant program. They ensure that students learn everything they need to start their successful career including: medical terms, physical therapy modalities, patient preparation, communication, and safety issues.

There are a number of degrees and certificates that can be acquired through online schools that will greatly enhance the career of a physical therapy assistant. Some of the more common degrees include: Associate of Science in Physical Therapy Assisting, Associate of Applied Science in Allied Health, Graduate Certificate in Geriatric Health, and Associate of Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant.

When choosing your online physical therapy school, make sure they are accredited. Once you have created a short list of schools that are the best fit for you, don’t be afraid to take action. This industry continues to grow and becoming a physical therapy assistant is a great way to secure your future.

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