Traditional Universities Vs. Online Universities Ivana Irwin Case Study

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Traditional Universities Vs. Online Universities Ivana Irwin Case Study

Traditional Universities vs. Online Universities Ivana Irwin Case study 

I recently enrolled in a online University as I pursue my PHD and the first week has been a bit of a let down. In a few ways I had to lower my expectations and allow myself to embrace this style of learning. Not going to an actual class has its benefits but I guess the more disappointing part for me has been all of the tedious email questions.

In a traditional university a professor would stand in front of the class and deliver an opening to the lesson of the day. This experience is based on my time spent a Tulane University therefore this setting has been quite an adjustment. Having said that I do understand that online universities are at a small disadvantage when it comes to delivering an academic experience, but with the profit margin they enjoy I expected more.

The University of Phoenix online has half the overhead of a traditional university therefore I expected a more high tech learning platform. What I experienced this week was interacting via a version of Google G-mail.

At 3:30 am I had a live face to face conversation via Cisco Systems with one of my suppliers in Gansu, China in order to confirm details of a product line. At 6:60 pm today I am sitting in on a live webinar in order to learn new online marketing strategies for my business. In a normal day of my business I would use both forms of these technologies in order to get information and share information vital to our operations.

So pardon my disappointment at the realization that I’m paying over k in order to answer accredited email questions. With all of the communication tools available to us today via the internet how difficult would it be for the University of Phoenix to send us video lectures via email?

I will keep you posted as to how this online experience is working out for me, but please feel free to send me your own experience with online universities to

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