Top Accredited Online Colleges To Study Nursing In Arizona

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Top Accredited Online Colleges To Study Nursing In Arizona

Arizona over the last couple of years has been suffering from a chronic lack or nurses. To solve this critical nursing problem, they have embarked on several initiatives to increase the number of nurses registered and functioning within the state. This problem came about because of Arizona’s aging nurses, a reduction in the number of available nursing school within the state and a population explosion over the last couple of years.

To alleviate the problem, the governing bodies of Arizona have table a three-pronged attack. First, they have embarked on a three billion dollar project to build hospitals that will increase the number of beds by 3000. Secondly, they plan to increase the increase the salaries of nurses to attract more nurses to the state. Finally, instead of building new nursing schools, there are encouraging online nursing schools to establish themselves within the state. With the combination of capital investment, remuneration and increased proliferation of online nursing schools, they hope to add an additional 49,000 nurses by 2017. This will raise the nurse to resident ratio from 681 per 100,000 to 825 per 100,000

Top Online Nursing schools in Arizona

To increase the number of trained nurses within Arizona, the Governor has earmarked million over the next five years to increase the number of universities offering degrees in nursing. As a result, several accredited online universities have established locations from which the offer online nursing degrees. Some of these top Arizona online nursing colleges include:

* University of Phoenix: The University of Phoenix is one of the oldest and most respected online universities in the world. All their online courses enjoy the highest levels of accreditation that allows them to be a trendsetter in the online education industry. The University of Phoenix offer online nursing students from Arizona the same high level and type of nursing courses as those offered nationwide. By pursuing an online degree in nursing from the University of Phoenix, students will be well qualified to fill one of the thousands of nursing spaces being earmarked over the coming years.

* Kaplan University: Kaplan University’s school of nursing has adapted an innovative method of propagating their style of online learning. The course work material is distributed via message boards, online readings, delayed lectures, academic exercises and web field trips. This approach gives Arizona’s nursing students an added advantage by the use of technology-based health care. It also simplifies how easily the course work material is understood. Kaplan University brings to Arizona many years of experience. As a result, their students enjoy the same high level of accreditation for their nursing degrees as in other states.

* Liberty University: Liberty University is proud of the record of accomplishment in delivering quality education to online students. They now proudly bring this reputation to the state of Arizona, where students can pursue an accredited and highly recognized online degree program that acts as the perfect propulsion for their nursing career in Arizona. Their online degree program is designed to give students high levels of flexibility and freedom to study at the times that best suit their schedule.

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