Top Accredited Online Colleges To Study Economics

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Top Accredited Online Colleges To Study Economics

Economics play a vital role in balancing the day-to-day activities of our lives. The study of economics entails the study of how individuals utilize goods and services. This consumption and expenditure may take place both at the micro and macro level. An understanding of economics is even more vital in these tough economic times as we try to find ways of making ends meet.

By pursuing an online degree in economics from an accredited online university is one of the easiest means of getting an understanding of the principles of economics. During the online degree in economics, students can study from the comfort of their homes without ever having to set their foot into a university. Classes are delivered by delayed broadcast from highly qualified teachers who are specially trained in the art of online tutoring

The typical course work of an online degree from an accredited online institution includes:

* Economic theory

* Micro and macro economics

* Risk analysis

* Capital investments

* Banking systems

* International economics

Top Online Colleges for Degrees in Economics

Several accredited online institutions offer online degrees in economics to students. Some of these accredited online colleges include:

* Strayer University: Strayer University was started in 1892 and has since then established over 65 campuses nationwide. At the dawn of the internet age, Strayer used their experience in the field of education to create one of the premier online education programs in the online education industry. One of their most popular online degree program is their online degree in economics by which the prepare students for successful careers in the field of economics. All online courses offered by Strayer University are fully accredited and receives the full the backing of all major industry players.

* Ashford University: Ashford University is another university that has evolved from its previous campus style on which is was created in 1918 to now one of the leading online universities in existence. They offer many accredited online degree programs that are accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools such as their online degree in economics. Their programs cater to both local and foreign students and come in the form of both regular and accelerated programs. This also allow students to transfer up to 99 credit hours from other accredited universities.

* Walden University: Walden University finds itself among a group of universities categorized as “Best Value”. This categorization is reserved for those universities that offer only the best quality online education. Both the Higher Learning Commission and the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools accredit all courses offered by Walden University. Their online degree in economics is among the top set of degrees demanded by online students. Walden’s online degree in economics is offered in both regular and accelerated formats, so students are not being held behind by slower learners. All their courses are designed and taught by leading instructors who are trained in the art of online education. They also receive significant support from major industry players who ensure that their courses remain current and relevant.

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