Top 10 Reasons to Consider an Online Degree

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Top 10 Reasons to Consider an Online Degree

There are many debates as to whether an online degree is lesser in value or equal to that of a traditional campus college degree. We at know a thing or two about online degrees and campus degrees and we’re here to provide you with the top ten reasons why you should consider an online degree.

10. You can keep your full-time day job while attending classes on your lunch break, in the evening or on the weekends – depending on your schedule. Try telling your professor at a campus college that you can only come to class on Saturdays.

9. Because you can still watch your sick kid without missing a single class.

8. Online degrees account for 12% of all undergraduate college degrees and 9% of graduate degrees. If all of these people enrolling in an online college or university think their college degree is legit, then after careful considerations, you will learn that it is.

7. Every time you see the commercial with a girl in her pajamas bragging that she can wear those to school every day because she’s earning an online degree, as much as it annoys you – you know deep down you are just jealous.

6. No public speaking in front of other students or the professor in an online class. You can edit your questions, answers and participation credit so as not to make a fool of yourself.

5. When many students have to struggle through understanding their thick-accented professors, you just have to be able to read his typed words to understand what he or she is trying to say.

4. At an online college, you don’t have to worry about seeing that guy or girl you hooked up with at the party last night in class the next day.

3. There are no overpriced parking tickets for parking in the staff parking lot because it was closer to your class that you are already late to.

2. Oops – walk of shame and no time to shower? Don’t worry; no one will know you skipped the shower that day in class.

And the number one reason why you should consider an online degree

1. Getting out of bed in the morning while hung-over is so overrated.

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