The Western International University Advantage: Online Degree Programs For Working Adults

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The Western International University Advantage: Online Degree Programs For Working Adults

With a busy work schedule, a family to take care of, and the daily grind life creates, it can feel like it’s nearly impossible to find time to attend class, much less earn a college degree and graduate. Life can be overwhelming, but earning a degree doesn’t have to be. Earning a college degree in a reasonable amount of time is achievable with online-based learning. Schools that offer online college courses have several advantages over traditional classroom-based classes.

First, online courses offer students the ability to attend class anytime and from anywhere. Some people find it easier to concentrate in the middle of the night. Others prefer waking up early to get work done. Online classes can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With online classes, the ability to retrieve class information and lectures is not constrained to a limited number of hours during the day.

Potential students looking for flexibility with their coursework can benefit from taking classes online because of the ability to tailor a curriculum to fit specific, individualized needs. With online learning, students can enroll in a single class or several classes. Course information and lectures can be found online, on campus, or at both locations. Students who choose to obtain an education online can cater to their specific learning styles and needs.

Colleges and universities may sometimes seem intimidating because of their enormous student size. Students can feel insignificant amongst their peers while attending a large lecture and may find it nearly impossible to correspond with a teacher. Online classes are less intimidating, allowing students to learn in the comfort of their own homes. Online chat and instant messaging can make it easier to establish a voice for those who have a hard time speaking out in class and need extra time to collect and prepare their thoughts. Online participation during class lectures encourages student interaction and increases the sharing of opinions and ideas between students and instructors. Instructors are also viewed as more approachable via online courses. Email, instant messaging and chat allow for fast two-way communication between the student and teacher.

Western International University (WIU), founded in Phoenix, AZ, is an exceptional educational institution offering interactive online classes for an array of degree programs, including associate, bachelor, and master programs. For over 30 years, WIU has prepared students, including working adults and international students, with educational courses designed to help them succeed in the business world.

With WIU Interactive Onlinesm is a unique interactive platform where students and teachers from anywhere in the world can connect in a live learning environment. Students log in to the virtual classroom from anywhere to watch a lecture, discuss ideas with other students, and ask questions via online chat or voice. Each session is recorded, so students who miss the real-time class can view it later at a more convenient time. The teachers at WIU are experienced professionals who have worked extensively in their respective areas of study. Learning from a successful practitioner helps a student grasp concepts that will assist them for the working world.

WIU also allows credit transfers for those who have taken classes periodically and are still looking to work towards a degree. The enrollment advisors at Western International University work students to go through previous experience to determine what is relevant and can be applied towards a degree, including previous professional training, licenses, previous completed coursework, and experiential essays.

Online degree programs from WIU help students take the steps toward advancing their career. The unique WIU Interactive Onlinesm learning environment, course flexibility, and experienced teachers make WIU the perfect institution for working adults to earn a college degree.

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