The Cost of Getting an Online College Degree

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The Cost of Getting an Online College Degree

Just how much does an online degree cost? With the rising popularity of this type of higher learning, it’s worthwhile to learn more about the online university option. Cost is one of the first things people often want to know about when they are looking at various colleges and programs. It may not be the first reason most people choose online degrees—convenience and flexibility are typically the primary factors contributing to the decision to study online rather than attending classes at a traditional college campus—however, the cost factor cannot be ignored.

The Cost of Getting a Bachelor’s Degree Online
A bachelor’s degree is the standard entry level degree for most professions these days; most employers prefer candidates with this four-year degree to those that stopped with the two-year associate’s degree. Numerous online universities, such as Intercontinental University, Kaplan, University of Phoenix and Walden University offer bachelor’s degrees for those that prefer to complete their studies away from the college campus, and many traditional universities also offer online options these days.

The fees for a bachelor’s degree from an online university tend to be slightly higher than the average tuition at a state college, but the fact that you can still keep your job while you study and don’t have to commute to a campus can make up for that. The fees for a bachelor’s degree at the leading online universities run from around ,000 to ,000 when all is said and done—still less than your average private university.

Returning for an Online Master’s Degree
While some students complete both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees at an online university, it is more common to find an online graduate student that earned a bachelor’s degree from a traditional university, started working in their chosen field and decided to return for a master’s degree while they continue to work. It is a very flexible and convenient option for a full time professional. Master’s programs typically require between 30 and 60 units, depending on the degree.

The University of Phoenix charges 5 per unit for master’s programs, for example, and Devry charges 00 per course. These programs would cost around the ,000-range, which is not much compared to what most private universities want from their graduate students.

If you’re thinking about getting an online education, the cost shouldn’t deter you. When all is said and done, it isn’t much more than a state college, and it is considerably less than a private university.

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