Ten Reasons To Earn A College Degree Online

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Ten Reasons To Earn A College Degree Online

It has become more popular now than ever before to earn a college degree online. According to a report by the Sloan Consortium, over 5.6 million people were enrolled in at least one online course during the fall semester of 2009. The popularity of online learning is predicated to continue growing in the future as more and more students take advantage of the benefits that online education presents over traditional learning in a ground school.

Here are 10 important reasons to earn a college degree online:

1. Online learning is convenient.

Many traditional college students leave school without ever graduating. Why? A lot of students don’t finish school because they don’t want to go to class or do the work. But online learning is different. When you earn a college degree online, you have the flexibility to work at your own pace, at whatever time is most convenient for you.

2. A degree can help you find a great job.

Sure you can find a job without a college degree, but if you do have a degree, it’s highly likely that you’ll find a better-paid one. Only having a high school diploma limits the kind of career you can have because in today’s competitive job market, employers want to see advanced credentials.

3. Or it could help you earn a promotion.

If you already have a job, earning a college degree can help you get a better one. If you already have a degree, consider earning a master’s degree or doctorate. Online schools allow you to continue working full-time while you earn a college degree online.

4. You can earn a higher salary with a degree.

Higher education almost always equals a higher salary. It has been proven that people with a bachelor’s degree earn more money over the course of a lifetime than people who only have a high school education.

5. Online education is affordable.

It actually costs about the same to earn a college degree online as it would to earn one in a ground school. But online learning can help you save money on other expenses associated with going to college, like relocation and travel costs. And, if you work full-time while attending online school, you will be able to pay a larger portion of tuition out-of-pocket rather than borrowing additional student loans.

6. Online schools can provide an excellent education.

In the past, many online for-profit schools earned a bad reputation for their recruitment tactics and graduation rate statistics. For this reason, accredited online schools have worked hard to ensure the quality of education that their students receive is top notch.

7. A degree can help you gain respect.

If you earn a college degree online, you can rank yourself among other college graduates across the country. The higher level of education that you have, the more respect you earn both from other scholars and people without a degree.

8. Online education allows you to learn from home.

Online coursework can be completed from your home computer, as long as you have Internet access. Rather than sitting in a classroom or library, you can complete your assignments from the comfort of your own home.

9. Earning a degree can help you meet your personal and professional goals.

Have you always wanted to go to college but never had the motivation to do so? Online education may address some of the reasons that you never went back to school, like time and money. If you earn a college degree online, you can change your future for the better.

10. Online education is the future.

We have become dependent on computers and the Internet for nearly everything that we do in our day-to-day lives. Online learning is popular now – just consider how common it might be in only 5 or 10 years. Brushing up on computer skills can prepare you for an inevitably highly-digital future.

If you’ve always wanted to go to college but haven’t for one reason or another, it may be the right time toearn a college degree online. Make sure to do your research and find the online school that best fits your needs in order to increase your chances of success.

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