Study Marketing Degree Online

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Study Marketing Degree Online

Study Marketing Degree Online

Marketing is the art of getting products form the distributor to the consumer. This includes utilizing whatever resources available to persuade the consumer to select its products. These methods include discounts and sales, public relations, pricing strategies, packaging and sampling.

To be an effective marketing professional, individuals must determine consumer product demands or conduct extensive research to target potential consumers. They must undertake effective planning strategies to determine the level of demand by consumers. The exact marketing strategy utilized will depend on the type of product, target market and the budget available. It takes a special type of individual with the right characteristics to excel in the field of marketing. Some of these qualities include:

* Empathy: this requires marketing practitioners to possess the ability to identify themselves with consumers and have a good feel of the opinion on the ground which in turn makes the consumer feel respected
* Know What to Look For: requires marketing practitioners to use their research skills and insight to analyze the consumer and its needs
* Focus: self-driven and possess the ability to accomplish set goals
* Responsible: the ability to take charge of situations and solve difficult circumstances
* Optimistic: to be professional in the pursuit to convince potential customers to purchase their products
* Charismatic: to be able to convince consumers through coercive or persuasive methods

Why pursue a Marketing Degree

Marketing is a very dynamic industry. It encompasses all the processes involved from conception of the product to the final sale and service. To be able to conduct the proper analysis, advertising research and distribution, individuals will gain a significant advantage by pursuing a degree in marketing.

Types of Marketing Degree and Scope

Most institutions offer marketing degrees at all levels of accreditation. These include the Associate, Bachelors, Masters and PhD levels. Each level of educational growth adopts a specific design with an advanced and in-depth study of the marketing industry. The basic online courses of marketing focus on topics such as Planning and Research Processes and Their Design, Sampling, Data Collection Methods and their Analysis, Communication and Promotion Techniques, Marketing Research and Prospecting Techniques, Business Plan Development and Budgeting and Cost Analysis.

Top Accredited Online Universities and Colleges offering a Marketing Degree

Top online universities and colleges offering a marketing degree include:

Argosy University
Strayer University Online
Westwood College Online
Colorado Technical Institute Online
University of Phoenix
Keiser University
Kaplan University

The marketing degrees offered by these top online universities focus on equipping students with the relevant marketing knowledge and practical techniques critical to helping them excel in this ever-evolving and volatile marketing industry.

Some of these marketing degree programs offered by these top online universities include:

BBA in Marketing

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing qualifies students to work in various marketing careers at the supervisory level in both public and private sector industry.

MBA in Marketing

The Master of Business Administration with a concentration on Marketing will see students focusing on specific areas of marketing and methods of gaining a competitive advantage.

PhD in Marketing

The PhD in Marketing specialization focuses on research in marketing, methods of enhancing the profession and breaking new ground.

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