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Adult education is the teaching and educating of adult learners. It encompasses fields such as basic education, adult literacy, in-service education and general education. This training often takes place within the workplace or through continuing education programs via community colleges, vocational schools, government and business organizations.

The primary benefit of getting your degree in adult education online is the flexibility and convenience that it provides. The online learning format allows you to earn your degree from the comfort of home or any other convenient location without having to quit your day job. Online degree program allows you to schedule classes on your own time, study at your own pace while at the same time gaining the additional training, knowledge and invaluable work experience you will need to advance in your present career or continue your education.

Online Adult Education Degrees

Adult education encompasses many fields. The amount of training you require will depend on the specific area of practice and degree level you pursue. Most online colleges and universities offer adult education degrees at the Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Masters and PhD levels.

Online Associate’s Degree in Adult Education

The Online Associate’s Degree in Adult Education is an interdisciplinary study program that focuses on educating students about the theory and principles of adult learning. Upon completion, online graduates will qualify for entry-level leadership and teaching positions for adult learners.

Online Bachelors Degree in Adult Education

The Online Bachelors Degree in Adult Education focuses on teaching its participants how to design, implement and assess effective teaching and training programs for adult learners. The online specialization in Adult Education also covers courses in educational psychology, adult learning and training fundamentals. Upon completion of the program, successful graduates can venture into a wide field of adult education and training including adult education, in-service training and mentorship.

Online Masters in Adult Education

The Masters in Education with an emphasis on adult education provides participants with a rigorous and in-depth professional development study program. This online degree program will help them to gain invaluable knowledge and training to be able to make an effective impact on the lives of others. Students will explore core courses and topics that teach the fundamentals of education specific to adult learning, workforce development as well as the theory and methods behind how adults learn. They will also choose and explore topics that are specific to their career interests.

Schools that offer Online Education Degrees

Devry University
Kaplan University
University of Phoenix
Walden University

Salary Range for Adult Education Majors Online

The median salary for adult education majors will depend on their level of education, experience and the geographic location in which they work. The average salary range for online adult education graduates with a Bachelors degree and working in a public school is around ,000 per year. For teachers with previous teaching experience, they are at the higher end of the scale and earn salaries that hover around ,350 per year.

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