Should You Consider Online College Degrees For Your Children?

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Should You Consider Online College Degrees For Your Children?

Online education provides students with more than one option to pursue their college degree. But, as a parent, should you consider this option for your children to earn a college degree online?

Yes and no, depending on a few important factors. Although online education is getting more popular today, it may not be a right option for everyone. As a parent, you should assess your children learning’s behavior to see whether they are the right candidates to be a success online student. So, when considering online college degree for you children, assess through the factors below before making your decision:

1. Self-motivation

Self-motivation is the key success factor for an online student. If your children are good at motivating themselves to complete pre-assigned tasks, then you may consider letting them to pursue their college degree online. Most online courses involve a lot of self-planning, so if the students are good at self-motivation, they will be able to motivate themselves to work toward the completion of the degree program. If you find your children need somebody to look at their back and push them to meet the deadline, then traditional campus-based college program should be their better option.

2. Written communication

As most learning materials are in text format and students need to communicate with lecturers and other students mostly through written communication, your children should be good in reading, writing and communicate in this format. If they prefer to learning by listening than by reading the text, then selecting online college degree may not be a right decision.

3. Comfortable to access in online environment

Do your children like to surf internet? Do they enjoy using online applications such as online chat, online forum, online/network gaming, etc? If access to internet and stay online is part of their life, then your children are comfortable to access in online environment. Therefore, letting them to pursue a college degree online should be no problem as they are familiar with the internet applications, enabling them to learn & use the online learning system without any problem.

4. The ease of getting financial aids

Although there are scholarships, loan and other types of financial aids being offered to online students, but there are much less opportunities if compares to campus-based students. So, if you want to consider an online college degree for your children and you need financial aids to support their study, then you have to make sure the college you are considering the online degree program does offer financial aids to their students and your children are qualified to apply.


Online education is a good option for your children to pursue their college degree, but you should only consider this option if your children are the right candidates to be a success online student.

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