RN TO BSN Online Programs

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RN TO BSN Online Programs

The shortage of nursing assistants is one of the major problems faced by the nation from past many years. The number of medical facilities and long term care facilities has also grown over the last decade resulting in even further growth of the nursing field. The nursing assistants are the primary care takers and providers at various levels and advance in their career by opting for higher level studies and graduation programs. Registered Nurses (RN) are the professional nurses who have completed a diploma or an Associate Degree. They supervise other practical nurses and nurse aides in various medical facilities and certified by passing the NCLEX-RN examination. The RN-BSN online programs are the transition programs for the registered nurses which offer them various furtherance options.

BSN programs are the four year bachelor’s degree programs for diploma and associate degree holders but the RN-BSN online programs are the 2 year internship programs meant for only Registered Nurses. Some of the online programs are fast track programs that can help you complete the graduation program in just 18 months or even lesser time period. These Programs are very handy as they you can enroll in these training programs from any region of the nation and there is no residency requirement for the training programs. The practical training sessions are arranged under the guidance of experienced medical seniors in a nearby medical facility by the online training facility. These programs also help in increasing the salary scale of the nurses. The Registered Nurses have an average salary of around 000 per year and as a Baccalaureate Registered Nurse, you can easily earn around 000 per year and can apply for various higher job posts. You can apply for the management, administration and trainer job openings and work in various facilities in any state of the United States Nation.

There are many universities in the nation that offer the RN-BSN online programs and these are accredited by various national councils. There are very few campus based training programs for RN-BSN education in various states and this has resulted in increased significance of the online RN-BSN transition programs. The online training programs do not offer complete training course in online format and you need to attend the campus based training programs for a very short duration prior to completion of the whole training program.

There are more than 230 online training schools for the RN-BSN programs and some of the most acknowledged and well known universities for the online training program are listed as under:-
•    Baker College
•    American Sentinel University
•    D’youville College
•    National American University
•    South University
•    The University of Texas at Arlington
•    Utica College
•    University of Phoenix
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