Reasons Not To Attend A Distance Learning Master Degree Program

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Reasons Not To Attend A Distance Learning Master Degree Program

1. You think that it will be the easy route to a master’s degree. Attending a distance learning master degree program is demanding in its own respect. Different ways of learning are sweeping the globe, many of which use online technology, and you can bet there are high standards in the online classroom as much as there are in a regular classroom.

2. You can’t prioritize your time. Distance learning master degree programs require a lot more self-imposed time management than a traditional classroom. Just because you are not on a campus, does not mean you don’t need to study or prepare for the class. It might even be harder to manage your time if you have to work around an already busy work and family schedule.

3. You are unwilling to participate in a meaningful way. Much of what you will be doing is classroom interaction online. Sure, you have papers to write and lectures to listen to, but the forum boards and chatrooms are there for a reason as well, and not always just for fun. Professors grade your contributions according to how it lends to the overall classroom discussion in an intelligent and well-mannered way, just like a traditional classroom would.

4. You don’t have enough self-discipline to stay the course. There are countless numbers of people who start a distance learning master degree and do not finish it. The reasons are many, as in any college setting, but one of the most common ones is that they can’t keep up with the pace of the class amidst their job and other responsibilities. People who are self-disciplined will be the ones that can finish an online master degree program.

5. You think you do not have to participate in clinicals, mock trials or any other physical class requirement. Contrary to popular belief, most online colleges work in conjunction with other colleges or facilities that will give the student an opportunity to earn their required clinical or lab hours. To think that you can earn a master degree in law without stepping in a court room, for example, is an online school myth that holds no truth. The same goes for nursing students in an online college; they complete required clinical hours just as a traditional campus would require.

Just as you would research a degree program for a traditional college, the proper research should be done when it comes to a distance learning master program. Carefully keep in mind the differences and how it can affect your learning. If you know that you need structured class time and do not work well independently, then a traditional degree program is for you. If you think you like the new face of social interaction in the online classroom and the freedom to learn at your own pace, then adistance learning master degree program could be a good fit. Check every school’s accreditation status and perhaps you can find students or alumni that attended its program and ask their opinion.

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