Pros and Cons of Getting a Law Degree Online

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Pros and Cons of Getting a Law Degree Online

Earning a law degree online is an important step to starting a career in the law industry. This also provides a great opportunity for existing legal professionals to sharpen their skills and bolster their credentials to stay ahead in this vibrant and cutting-edge industry.

A law degree typically takes 3-4 years to complete and the amount of time spent studying will depend on the level of qualification and area of specialization desired. Most pre-law students complete a 4-year (Bachelor) degree program in areas such as Accounting, Criminal Justice, Political Science and International Relations. During this level of study, students will receive the relevant training needed to assist an attorney with criminal and civil cases during the preparation phase such as interviewing clients, conducting research and drafting legal documents.

Students also have the opportunity to select and focus on areas of specialization specific to their career objectives. Some of the online courses covered during a law degree program include criminal law, legal research and writing, constitutional law and civil procedures.

Upon completion, students can go on to earn a Jurist Doctor (JD) degree. They will also be eligible to sit for a written bar exam in the state in which they plan to begin their career.

Advantages of an Online Law Degree

There are several distinct advantages to getting an online law degree. The evolution of the internet is eclipsing the traditional classroom-based law schools for the more modern and sophisticated Internet-based systems that make up an online learning environment. Some of the advantages of pursuing an online law degree include:

Flexibility and Convenience: Students have the ability to earn their law degree online while working and maintaining their personal obligations. This convenience allows them to earn their degree from any convenient location and schedule their classes to fit their busy schedule.

Accessible Information: In the past, students had to endure long lectures while struggling to keep up with the professor to take notes and trying not to miss something important at the same time. While in an online learning environment, students receive lectures via streaming video and have 24-hr access to streaming videos, downloadable PDF and power point slides to replay as much as they want until they have mastered the material.

Interaction with Technology: Law students can interact with fellow peers and professors via online chartrooms, bulletin boards and emails. This allows them to discuss the law and current case studies.

Disadvantages of an Online Law Degree

Some of these disadvantages to getting an online law degree include:

Hardware Intensive: Students will need specific equipment such as a computer and internet to access coursework material.

Accreditation: Some online schools offering a law degree may have a low accreditation status.

Schedule: Synchronous classes require you to attend classes online on the professor’s schedule and that may prove inconvenient. Some online schools also require you to participate in online discussions such as forums and chat sessions and may be inconvenient if this does not fit your own schedule. Chris M. Alexander
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