Online University Degree for Small Business Owner Career

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Online University Degree for Small Business Owner Career

With employment opportunities failing far short of job aspirant’s numbers, many people are turning towards self-employment. In fact small business owner career has become one of the best outlets for such career aspirants in the modern era. While brick and concrete class rooms can help, online university degree can also help the career prospects of these small business owners substantially.
Benefits of Online University Degree
Online education will offer the basic platform for the career aspirant to jumpstart his or her career. It can help opening up ultimate career path. Many leading universities are offering online university degree for small business owners. University of Phoenix is an example and it is one of the highest ranked online universities offering such degrees.
Types of Career in Small Business
It does not mean that careers can be built up as small business owner alone. There are multiple other ways of building up the career. Some of the avenues include –
Small business owners;Small business professional;Financial and operators in small business;Sales managers; andVarious other jobs related to small and medium businesses.Income Prospects
According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, at present there are around 6,063,670 persons engaged in small business and financial operations in United States alone. Average salaries of these people come in the range of ,000-,000. An example is the case of sales managers. Current statistics indicate that there are around 328,890 sales managers employed in small business sectors with an extremely attractive annual income of approximately 1,570 that speaks for itself. 
Work Locations
Small business owners can assume the following roles.
Technical professionals.Small entrepreneurs.Developing leaders.Individuals having career transitions.IT managers and decision makers.E-business management.Any small time business where large investments and manpower deployment won’t be required.Small Business Owner Philosophy
Philosophy of small business owner is based on the maxi “it is better to be the king of an island than to be a lieutenant in a vast empire.” In fact, small business owners are their own boss and they decide the time, locations, work place and all relevant issues relating to the work they undertake.
With discipline, dedication, and determination; there is no reason why the small business owner cannot succeed in building up a rewarding career.

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