Online School Vs. Traditional College Educations

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Online School Vs. Traditional College Educations

The Benefits Learnnig Online.

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Learning online is a great way to save time in your schedule, especially if your a parent or have a full time job.  In most cases, returning adults are faced with challenges such as, kids, babysitters, work schedules and sometimes multiple job schedules.  One major benefit of going to school online is the flexability in scheduling around your busy days.  Learning online is also very easy to use and there are many resources that you can access right at your fingertips.  You can get to the library or correct one of your papers on the fly with the click of a mouse instead of driving or walking to a different building.

The Downside of Going to Online College.

Going to school online can be a little tricky since you just can’t raise your hand to ask a question.   You may have to wait 24 hours for an answer to a question which can slow you down.  There are no classes to attend in person or live teachers to speak to, and this can take the social experience out of the equation.  You have to attend classes and do certain assignments during every week on scheduled days and you may have to organize your schedule around to accomidate assignments.

You will also be forced to email your questions or comments to other class mates to whom you never met before.  Going to class in person, you get to interact like humans normally would in real life. However, you do have the right to skip class in traditional schools and where as online you have to log in, sign in, and respond to your classmates from all over the states.    

So What is The Biggest Difference Between Online and Traditional College?

The biggest difference between online and traditional schools is, that with online school your paying for conveinence and with traditional schools your paying for the social experience. Online, you just need to be at your computer and there is not that human sensation of the surroundings of people, teachers, desks, a brick and morter building and driving.,  In traditional college, you do not have to be at every class and you get mingle with other students and share experiences just like old times.

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