Online School: To Deter Psychological Effects of Bullying to Children

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Online School: To Deter Psychological Effects of Bullying to Children

Studies show that bullying affects children in so many ways. Indeed, bullying has been one of the most major concerns of both public and private schools alike.

In a study conducted by Finland’s Finnish National Social Insurance Institution and Sigrid Juselius Foundation, 70% of females and 60% of males were likely to receive psychiatric treatment if they have been frequent victims of bullying. This figure rises up to four times for children who are both victims and instigators of bullying.

Meanwhile, a recent study done at Kings College showed that most bullied children internalizes their problems due to bullying. Instead of directing the negativity that they feel outward, they send it inward resulting in their being anxious and withdrawn.

If the problem of bullying that persists in the realm of public and private schools is not treated immediately, this will result into greater problems affecting the society as a whole.

Bullies grow up bearing anti-social personality disorders bordering on psychopathic and sociopathic behaviours. Victims on the other hand become more prone to commit suicide. As a whole, kids partaking in any form of bullying, whether as victims or instigators, suffer from insomnia, anxiety, depression, and signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. Public and private schools become more and more unsafe as boys and girls tend to carry with them deadly weapons just so they can protect themselves from bullies.

As a parent, you certainly do not like you child to experience any form of bullying. But since kids spend more time at school away from your sight, how sure are you that they do not experience this?

This is precisely the reason why there is a strong trend towards homeschooling nowadays. Parents are sending their children to online schools so they continue their studies while being protected from psychological bullying.  You can choose among the many online schools that can cater to your child’s educational needs. There is a public, chartered, and even private online school that can fit to your child’s needs.

Choosing an online school for your kid depends on some factors. For instance, do you want a structured online school program or an unstructured one? Structured online schools work like traditional schools only that your kids attend online classes in your home. Unstructured online schools, on the other hand, only requires your child to submit requirements on certain dates prescribed in the syllabus. Do not be misled by the word unstructured, however. There is still a structured approach towards learning. This only means that your child does not need to be on the computer with the usual eight hour class shift.

The choice between public school and private school system of education is still in your hands, too. The rules are still the same. It will cost you more to send your child to a private online school BUT you have more choices in case you choose a private online school over a public one. Private schools are not bound to rigid rules unlike public counterparts, and this also applies to private online schools.


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