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Online School Directory School Search Engine School Listing India

Education is important part of our life because it equips us with all that is needed to make our dreams come true. Education opens doors of brilliant career opportunities.  We get rewarded for the practices and services done by us for the field we venture. We are weighed in the market on the basis of our educational skills and how well we can apply them in real life.

Even the regular happenings and events around us educate us, in one or the other way. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the existence of human beings is fruitless without education. An educated person has the ability to change the world, as he/she is brimming with confidence and assured of making the right moves. Without education one’s life is like an animal.

What exactly is Meripathshaala?

It’s an India based school search engine or School Directory for students, parents & teachers seeking schools, study materials etc. Meripathshaala is now getting hundreds of unique visitors per month and searched for detailed information on a wide range of subjects and activities

An educated person is a confident person. Education fosters a positive outlook and allows us to believe in ourselves. Self-belief is the most wanted trait in a human being and education leads us towards relying on ourselves, making us believe that we are ready to take on the world.

A very important part of school time is examinations.  The testing process offers the student an opportunity to prioritize, learn and be accountable for the learning.  It does put a tremendous pressure on the student.  However, it does reinforce the theory that there is no gain without pain, ultimately leading to success.

School time provides the necessary time for learning and growth allocated to a student’s daily routine.  It lays the cornerstone for success as defined by our society.  However, the responsibility of making it a truly a time of social, mental and emotional development lies both on the student, the teacher and the parents.  The teacher and parent have to work in unison for the student to learn, grow and be a positive contributor to society.

A unique way to search school nearby your area

So, choosing a right school for your kid is very challenging task nowadays, as we can find several schools nearby colony or area. But getting information about facilities and courses before admission is much required. Online school directory such as Meripathshaala can help you find the right school online. The main advantage of searching school information online is that you can have all relevant information about facilities, fees, activities and courses provided by the school.

School listing for a particular city, state and area can be searched with the help of school search engine provided by It’s a unique type school search engine developed for students, teachers, parents and schools too for their global existence.

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