Online Nursing Bachelor’s Degree

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Online Nursing Bachelor’s Degree

Online Nursing Bachelor’s Degree


Research statistics indicate that the USA will have a shortage of one million nurses by the year 2015.

This is a great incentive for anyone concerned with whether or not they will find work and how much they can earn. The shortage of nurses will increase the number of available nursing jobs and increase their earning potential. The truth is, the number of people enrolling in nursing schools is unfortunately, not sufficient to alleviate the shortage.

Individuals seeking a career as a nurse will find the option for online study beneficial. Obtaining a nursing degree online gives those people, with busy working schedules, the option to study part-time for a nursing qualification.

There are different options available for online study towards a qualification in the nursing profession. There is the one-year diploma, a two-year associates degree and a four-year BSN (Bachelors of Science). The option for post-graduate study is also available namely, Masters of Science. A one-year diploma will prepare the student for the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) examination, whilst the two-year degree (an upwards) will lead to RN qualification (Registered Nurse).

The online degree option is also a beneficial choice for currently employed nurses, who have the desire to improve their qualifications. A registered nurse (RN) can study part-time to improve their qualifications to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). A number of organizations provide the full curriculum online.

An online nursing bachelor s degree program is beneficial to people entering the nursing profession, as well as working nurses seeking to advance their credentials. Online learning gives you the flexibility to study towards a nursing qualification, whilst maintaining your current work demands.


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