Online Masters Degree In Criminal Justice

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Online Masters Degree In Criminal Justice

Contrary to what many may think, the field of criminal justice is not just restricted to policing duties. In fact, criminal justice is one of the most diverse professions pursued by online students. The field of criminal justice spans areas such as corrections, education, law enforcement, security, research and the legal profession. In addition, within each of these professions there are countless attractive and exciting sub-categories that attract online students.

While a bachelors’ degree will afford you middle management positions in the field of criminal justice, it is after the successful pursuit of an online masters’ degree in criminal justice before one can make a significant impression in the field of criminal justice.

Background of the Masters in Criminal Justice

The online masters’ in criminal justice is an intense study of the concepts and framework of make up the field of criminal justice. It employs high levels of research that ensure that students are kept at the forefront of technologies and information related to the field of criminal justice. This research involves studies of problems affecting the effectiveness of criminal justice concepts and how they can be improved. Researches may include efforts through policy adjustments, financial and social investment. By the end of the online master in criminal justice, students will be able to identify trends in the areas of corrections, policing, criminology and criminal justice. In addition, they will be able to employ the leadership skills gained during the program to effect change within the criminal justice system.

Curriculum of the Online Masters Degree in Criminal Justice

The curriculum of the online master in criminal justice is broken up into several sections that enhance the ease in which the material is delivered. Each segment is available online from the online university’s database, where students can access them at any time to their convenience. Most online master degree programs are broken into segments of:

* Core Theory: This features studies in the theory, philosophy, law enforcement and practices of criminal justice. It is supported by several online seminars that focus on areas of law and social control, criminal justice and criminology.

* Administration and Policy: This exposes students to the management side of criminal justice. It features subjects such as criminal justice management, policy analysis and the juvenile justice system.

* Special Topics in Criminal Justice: These are many electives that students take to widen their knowledge in the field of criminal justice. These electives include subject areas such as white-collar crime, police effectiveness, correction and rehabilitation, community relation and crime.

* Research: All students are required to do a research thesis supported by substantial evidence and data that they must defend before a graduation board.

Top online Colleges for Online Masters Degree in Criminal Justice

Some of the top online colleges for the pursuit of a masters’ degree in criminal justice include:

* University of Phoenix

* Kaplan University Online

* Virginia College Online

* University of Maryland

* Columbia Southern University

Employment Opportunities for Online Masters Criminal Justice Graduates

Many organizations utilize the services of criminal justice professionals. These range from both government and non-governmental organizations. Graduates of the online masters in criminal justice assume management duties in areas such as the secret services, border control, bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the FBI.

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