Online Degrees in Animation

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Online Degrees in Animation

The computer animation field has quite a prominent part to play in the entertainment industry. Gaming animation is so famous at this moment of time that high quality games are being developed into movies. The example in this regard can be of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and DOOM. If you manage to earn a degree in arts specializing in gaming animation or computer animation you can perhaps work in the entertainment industry.

Course Structure
The course structure of online animation degree program consists of visual effects, gaming animation and computer animation. When earning an online degree in animation, you will also get to know about the new software programs and latest multimedia trend. If you are only interested in video game animation, it is advisable that you go for a specialization in video game animation.

Online Bachelor of Science in Animation Degree
If you are looking for training in the practical aspects of animation then Bachelor of Science in Animation is the way to go. The most intriguing thing about this online degree program is that it also includes combination of general education and management concepts, which can come in real handy when you are doing project work. You can attain entry-level jobs by earning an online Bachelor of Science in Animation degree. It includes multimedia designer, assistant animator and graphic artist.

Online Masters in Animation Degree
An online Masters degree in Animation prepares students to use computer applications and various sound imaging techniques. Other important features of this online degree program are specialized camerawork, CAD applications, image capture, equipment operation and computer programming.

Career prospects
If the Bureau of Labor Statistics is to be believed, the annual salary of animators is more than ,000. When you earn an online degree in animation, you will surely face no problems in acquiring a job. However, to advance your career it is of paramount importance that you go for a higher degree. If possible, go for a Bachelor in Animation or Masters in Animation. Opportunities for animators are expected to grow by more than 10 percent by 2012, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Earning Online Degrees in Animation
To earn an online degree in animation, first you need to find an accredited university that is conducting online degree programs in animation. Details of some accredited online universities that offer online degree programs in animation are:

Westwood College Online: Westwood College Online offers Associate, Bachelor and Masters level degree programs in animation. The best part about Westwood College is that their degree programs also provide hands-on training in areas like physics, special effects, psychology, video production techniques and 3D animation. Instructors at Westwood College Online are quite good.

Penn Foster Career School: Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council, Penn Foster Career School is one of the world’s biggest distance learning college conducting Associate and Diploma programs in the Animation and Graphic Design. The faculty at Penn Foster Career School is highly qualified and experienced so as a student you do not need to worry about the quality of education.

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