Online Degree Programs Nursing: Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing

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Online Degree Programs Nursing: Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing

Are you currently working full-time as a registered nurse and interested in advancing your career through additional education?  Have you looked into some of the more popular online degree options for registered nurses—programs through which you could earn a bachelor degree without ever having to leave your present job? 

Schools offering online degree programs in nursing—and there are many—understand just how difficult it can be for full-time nurses to find time to further their education.  But, they also understand that nurses with a bachelor’s degree are in very high demand.  For both of these reasons, many of the online degree programs in nursing offer a very unique program structure.  In this structure, student nurses can complete the majority of the degree requirements online and at their own pace, allowing them to continue working in their present employment.

Online Degree Programs Nursing:  Associate Degree versus Bachelor Degree

At present, an associate degree and a passing score on a comprehensive nursing examination is all that’s required to work as a registered nurse, and for those individuals content in their current position this level of education may be as far as they wish to go. However, there are a number of more specialized and lucrative nursing positions in which advanced training and education are absolute requirements.  For these types of positions, nurses will normally need to pursue a bachelor degree, either in general nursing, one of the many nursing specialties or in healthcare or business management.  In the following section we will take a closer look at one of these degree programs:  The Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Online Degree Programs Nursing:  RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is offered exclusively to registered nurses who already possess an associate’s degree or diploma in nursing.  This program is designed to maximize the strengths of the already-working registered nurse and to deepen their understanding of some of the more advanced nursing practice and theory.  The course is taught in several different modules by qualified instructors who are experts in their respective fields.  Using a variety of techniques and demonstrations, these professionals share their knowledge, experience and specific expertise in areas that include clinical patient care, professional nursing practice, healthcare management and leadership.

The curriculum of the RN to BSN program is quite diverse, with subjects and topics that aim to teach both the science and art of nursing.  Student nurses can expect a comprehensive education in a variety of areas that include nurse competencies, health assessment, research, statistics, public health, management, trends and issues, spirituality in nursing and ethical decision making.  Collectively, when these curriculum components are studied and put into practice they will provide nurses with the knowledge and skills they need to become more effective in their jobs and better leaders in the nursing profession.

While it’s true that an associate degree is the minimum requirement for becoming a registered nurse, online degree programs in nursing, including the Bachelor of Science in Nursing that we briefly discussed above, will not only allow nurses the opportunity to further their careers, but these programs may also help them deepen their understanding of the nursing profession, which will ultimately make them more effective in their present jobs.

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