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Online Degree Programs

Distance Learning Education Degree is committed to bringing you information on obtaining your higher education degree through distance learning.


Distance learning is a great way for working adults, parents and others with busy life schedules to fit their higher education goals into their already hectic life.  Distance learning is basically online college, and yes, you can earn your degree taking 100% of your courses online.


Accredited distance learning colleges are becoming more and more common.  In today’s world, if you missed out on going to college right out of high school, chances are it is tough for you to find the time to attend a traditional college or university.  This is even more true if you have children, or have already started in your chosen career.


Another group of people who may find distance learning eduction to be the right choice is those with college degrees already, who are working in their chosen career, but need an advanced degree to move up in that field.  Typically, if you are in this situation, it is not possible to simply quit your job and go to college full time.  Going to school online and earning a distance learning education degree for your masters or MBA is a great way to balance out the need to keep your current job, while improving your resume to help obtain a better or higher paying  job.


There are many distance learning colleges out there, and you can find one to suit your needs with a little research.  There are specialty colleges, distance learning colleges for business, marketing, nursing and more.  Additionally, you can earn your Bachelor, Masters or even MBA degrees through distance learning colleges.


If you have been wanting to go back to school, but just thought it was impossible due to your busy life schedule, distance learning education could be just what you need to make it possible.


While distance learning education is a great alternative to traditional colleges, it is not a choice for everyone.  For many, the work is more difficult as you must be a self starter, and be able to keep yourself on task.  Earning a distance learning education degree is something that you must be motivated to do, as there are no work groups, or one on one sessions if you need help.  If you are highly motivated, a good self starter, and able to work on your own, however, looking into a distance learning degree could be the best thing you have ever done for yourself!


Online education is a proven model for learning, with a lengthy track record. It enables accredited higher learning for individuals living with physical disabilities, busy working class people, soldiers and those living abroad, and stay at home parents to mention a few. There is fundamentally little difference between physically sitting in an auditorium listening to lectures versus watching a webcast video of the professor.


The recognition of the quality of online degree programs compared to on-campus degrees varies. While most major online colleges are regionally accredited, the public perception of their quality is in dispute. Some experts argue that degrees in certain fields are more accepted online than in others, while some programs are less suited for online-only schools.


A survey by the Distance Education and Training Council found that 100 percent of employers who responded felt that distance education program graduates performed better on the job as a result of their degree (as compared to their previous performance). Additionally, employers felt that an employee receiving a distance education degree compared favorably, in terms of knowledge learned, to someone with a resident degree. On the other hand, The Chronicle of Higher Education reported in January 2007 on a Vault Inc. survey that found 55 percent of employers preferred traditional degrees over online ones. 41%, however, said they would give “equal consideration to both types of degrees.”


The Sloan Consortium, an organization funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to maintain and improve the quality of distance education, publishes regular reports on the state of distance education in the U.S. In its 2006 report “Making the Grade: Online Education in the United States, 2006,” it stated that “in 2003, 57 percent of academic leaders rated the learning outcomes in online education as the same or superior to those in face-to-face. That number is now 62 percent, a small but noteworthy increase.”


In some instances, an online degree programs may be no different than a degree earned in a campus-based program. The instruction is often exactly the same, and the online degree contains no special designation. An example of this is the degree offered to Columbia University students who earn a degree through the Columbia Video Network (CVN) versus the campus-based program.



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