Online College Education – Why Free Online College Education is Not a Good Option

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Online College Education – Why Free Online College Education is Not a Good Option

There is a simple old-fashioned saying that will answer this question for you. The saying is “nothing in life is free”. Free Online College education is available all over the internet however at the end of your course, you receive nothing.

Isn’t it better to have something to show for your hard work?  A diploma or a degree that will prove to people,  that you know what you are talking about. A diploma will say to future employers that you are the best person for the job. Free online College education means no diploma or degree unless you want to do it as a hobby, there are not a lot of benefits to be gained from free online college education. 

The lack of a diploma or degree is the main reason why free online college education is not a good option however,   if that is not enough to satisfy you then read on to find out two more reasons why free online college education is not a good course to take.

Online College Education – Why free courses are not a good option.

1 – The course is free because there is no tutor to guide you along the way. There is no one to discuss assignments with, to correct you when you are wrong, or to mark your work to see if you have a good understanding of the subject.

Gaining a diploma or degree takes a lot of learning and guidance from someone who is more knowledgeable in the subject than you. A lack of a teacher in free online college education will greatly hamper your chances of being a professional and to know what you are talking about.

2 – A lot of the free online college education courses are available to download. Take a note of the date that is next to it, you will definitely find out that the courses are at least a year or two out of date. There is a reason a college is giving courses away for free and not charging people to learn from them.

It could be that the material has become updated over time. Theories and subjects change all the time as scientists and professionals in that field discover more. That is why a lot of employers insist on re-training these days. If you plan to complete a free online college education, then you will probably find out the material is of no use to anyone as it is outdated or is not a popular subject.

If you want to pursue online college education but do not have the money to do so, then considering applying for grants or loans to complete the courses. Guidance and advice from a teacher will be fruitful over the term of the course, it is also beneficial for you to have a diploma or degree to show for your hard work and dedication. Elijah James
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