Online College Degree in History

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Online College Degree in History

If you are planning to get a college degree online for purposes of getting a career in education and teaching, try a degree in History.  One may pursue associate’s degree, a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree in history online.  By getting a degree in history, you can land a job in various fields, even those which do not involve or are not related history.  The usual curriculum for this liberal arts degree in history includes programs on history, critical thinking, philosophy and communication.

A standard history degree holder earns around ,000 USD to ,620 USD and may even go up depending on what type of job you get.  But as mentioned above, you may still get a careen in other areas beyond teaching, like engaging in a business, careen in public relations, journalism and communication and even other technical jobs such as information technology. A graduate may also work in museums and other historical associations dealing with the administration of cultural resources and preservation of historic artifacts.

But how do we expect the trend and demand for these types of jobs after you finish your degree?  The BLS’s viewpoint in this matter is that a demand for school teachers, both elementary and secondary stages, will sky rocket in the next ten years.  Museum curators and historians are anticipated to stay in demand.  However, this occupational outlook might vary taking into consideration the expected competition because of the rising number of job aspirants and candidates who are qualified.

The learner is expected to study the various periods in the world history, including those of the American history.  Further, courses and subjects on psychology, philosophy, communication and humanities may be required and mandatory to finish the degree.  They will also be required to write essays, do research works, and compose write ups, using their analytical skills in giving their own insights regarding historical episodes.

Upon finishing the entire course, one will be equipped with needed skills and will be capable to teach the subject of history both in the middle school and high school.  The qualification, of course, would be reliant on local rules and regulations, and may sometimes require supplementary certifications before you could be allowed to educate students from middle and high schools.  Moreover, the expertise of a graduate includes the ability for criticizing documents and writings relating to history.  A graduate will also be expert in the comprehension and appreciation of issues both in the political and historical areas.

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