Online Bachelors degree, accredited bachelor’s degree online, accredited online college

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Online Bachelors degree, accredited bachelor’s degree online, accredited online college

Online degrees are of three types Associates degree, Bachelor’s degree and Masters Degree. The degrees we earn, whether bachelor’s degree or associate degree or masters degree, they are for our future career.

Sullivan University offers online bachelor’s of science degrees in:

Accounting Bachelor’s degree: In bachelors accounting degree you will be trained in the fundamentals of business economics, auditing, ERP systems, general ledger and accounting systems, bookkeeping, and more.

Online Finance degree: The bachelor’s degree in finance helps you to boost your career as a financial analyst or financial advisor. People, who choose the specialization in finance, are often pursuing senior professional position in finance related companies like banking, insurance, mortgage, investments etc…

Bachelor’s Marketing degree: Now days most of the vacancies are of marketing peoples. Companies want peoples, who are able to increase their sales or services. The online marketing bachelors degree coursework contains art of selling, advertising, and marketing combine with general studies and basic business courses to provide solid preparation for success and advancement.

Management bachelor’s degree: The bachelor’s degree in management prepares students in activities of the business. This includes learning various types of management skills, from small business to human resources to production management. In addition to analytical skills, students focus on areas such as team leadership, ethics in business, organizational skills, accounting skills and communication skills.

Logistics & Distribution Management degree online: With Logistics & distribution management bachelor’s degree, you can make your careers as wholesale & retail buyer, purchasing agent & purchasing buyer. Logistics & distribution management course includes training in transportation management, inventory planning and warehouse management.

Bachelor’s Construction Management degree: Bachelor’s Construction Management degree provides students to manage and supervise the construction process. This program providing understanding of managing construction project, how they interact with different peoples involves in the project like labors, contractors, owners on daily basis.

Healthcare Management Online degree: Healthcare Management online degree will prepare you for the challenges and rewards of a career in Healthcare Management. You will develop broad business skills, and more importantly, understand and develop the ability to unify these business skills into the unique field of Healthcare Management. This knowledge will help open career doors in hospital administration, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare management leadership positions in any profit, nonprofit organization or government entity.

 • Human Resource Leadership bachelor’s degree: The Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources Leadership provides the necessary academic and experiential factors for the beginning practitioner and manager. A certificate in Human Resources Leadership is designed for working professionals in the field of Human Resources (HR).

Online Hospitality Management degree: The hospitality degree of management science trained students in that manner that they can make their career in hospitality industry. The Sullivan University’s Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (B.S.H.M.) degree prepares graduates for advanced positions in the hospitality industry and equips them with greater potential for upward mobility.

The online bachelor’s degree programs from Sullivan University helps you to boost your career in many fields. No need to leave your current profession, just fill the form online at, we will get back you as soon. Sullivan University provides you online accredited degrees. For more information visit, we are there to help you.

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