Online Bachelor Degree Programs and Online Universities

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Online Bachelor Degree Programs and Online Universities

Bachelor Degrees are also called as 4 year degrees as they take up to 4 years to complete at an accredited college or university. Online Bachelor Degrees refer to either Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts Degrees in a subject obtained online. It’s a traditional degree offered by various colleges and universities spread throughout the world. Online Bachelors degree provides additional options for returning adult students, students who do full or part – time work while in school, and for students who live too far from an accredited educational institution that offer their preferential degree program. Several accredited colleges offer online bachelor’s degrees that suit the needs of working students. They can also get the same benefit of traditional classroom study through distance learning bachelor degree programs, which are an exciting and affordable option. Bachelor’s degrees online is just another stepping stone towards advanced online studies like master level and doctoral level programs and to a bright career prospect in future.

Admission Criteria

Online bachelor’s degrees require an admission criterion of high school diploma. Generally, your subjects depend on the academic curriculum you choose amongst online bachelor’s degrees. For e.g. B.A is ideal for all who have pursued humanities stream in high school and BSc is ideal for all who have pursued science stream in their high school. Moreover, International students who do not have English as their mother tongue, have to meet the language requirement by either passing IELTS or TOEFL and submit the score to the college or university.

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Online bachelor’s degrees commonly require about 120 – 128 credits for completion. Entire academic curriculum is generally split into two i.e. a core curriculum and a major that lays special importance on a concentration or specific study area. Usually the best bachelors degrees online are in study areas including Accounting, Arts, Political Science, Education, Criminal Justice, Finance, Marketing, Healthcare Management, Nursing, Computer Science/Information Technology, Psychology, Engineering, Human Service, Legal Studies and Technology, Advertising, Agriculture, Customer Relations, Database Administration, E – Business, Fashion, Early Childhood Education, Interior Design and Web Development and Design.

Bachelor level online teaching degrees, online nursing degrees and online engineering degrees are highly popular among masses.

Reasons to Complete a Bachelors Degree Online

A more flexible schedule is looked as an advantage for the students who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree online. An online bachelor’s degree program is very suitable for individuals who want to:

  • Complete a second degree without having to return to their campus.
  • Continue working for a full – time job while attending courses on a part time basis.
  • Take one or two courses simultaneously.
  • Receive specialized training in an area or a field not available at their local area.

List of Popular Universities Offering Online Bachelor’s Degrees Online

  • University of Phoenix online
  • Kaplan University online
  • Walden University online
  • AIU online
  • Westwood College online
  • Ashford University online
  • Marylhurst University online
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