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Online Associate Degree

Taking an associate degree is an option available to one who has finished high school but cannot or will not take a full bachelor’s degree course.  Towards this end, these associate degrees may be availed of online.

An associate degree falls under the category of an undergraduate degree.  When compared to a bachelor’s degree, less time is necessary for its acquisition.  It takes two years of full time studying or around 60 hours of lessons, whereas eight semesters are needed to complete a bachelor’s degree.

In the pursuit of further studies, certain benefits come to light as to an online associate degree.

Foremost among these is the savings in terms of money and time.  Because one studies at home, the cost of commute and travel are dispensed with.  There is also the added comfort of staying in one’s home and avoiding the dangers and pitfalls that usually accompanies travel. Moreover, the less time required to complete it translates into lesser tuition costs. 

It also helps to enhance one’s income.  As compared to one who is a high school graduate only, a person who is armed with an associate degree can command a higher salary rate.  Corollary thereto, there is an increase in the skills set for an associate degree holder.  It serves as the starting point or an added leverage in terms of technical jobs like accounting, medical assistance or computer repair.

The program is also flexible when compared to traditional courses.  No set time is provided, such that one is able to determine on a personal basis the time and place for studying.

In addition thereto, credits are offered by most of associate degrees, in the event that one decides to obtain a bachelor’s degree either in a college or university.

There are different types of associate degrees available.  These include Associate of Arts (AA), which functions as a preparatory stage for bachelor’s degree courses.  Another is Associate of Science (AS) which is similar to AA, except that it is more geared towards mathematics and science.  Next is Associate in Applied Science (AAS) where, unlike both AA and AS, the students are not really inclined to opt for further studies once the associate degree has been completed.  And last is the Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS).  Unlike AA and AS, AOS prepares its students to work immediately upon completion.  It is very unlikely that this AOS will translate into a bachelor’s degree.

In conclusion, getting an online associate degree is a step towards self improvement.  Apart from being expedient, there are plenty of options available.

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