Northcentral University for Online Degrees? Get Your Online Degree!

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Northcentral University for Online Degrees? Get Your Online Degree!

Northcentral University is an accredited online university based in Arizona USA. Northcentral was meant to be an online university offering online degrees, although it now has a suburban and urban campus, not meant for permanent and full time students. Northcentral University offered business administration and psychology initially, and later expanded, offering interesting diverse courses and programmes online. Northcentral University is accredited, but there are some problems with respect to recognition in some quarters. More research should be done here. Northcentral University is nevertheless mainly an online university and even though it may not be considered a key player handing out online degrees, it is worth time and effort considering it in competition with other universities.

There are many positive evaluations about Northcentral University’s Business Administration and MBA programmes. Overall courses are perceived to be developed, engaging, relevant and practical, although there are occasional course problems administrative problems for some subjects.

Secondly, as Northcentral University is an accredited online university, it hands out bachelors degrees, masters degrees, MBAs, and doctorates PhDs. That means that it caters to all students and all needs of students in search of their online education.

The subjects and programmes offered at Northcentral are: applied computer science, computer and information security, criminal justice, business quantitative methods, e-commerce, financial management, health care, homeland security, HR management, psychology, management, management information systems, management of engineering, international business, organisational leadership, public administration, marketing, and even sports management leadership. These are a wide range of good courses.

There is a 10% discount if you pay tuition in full the moment you enrol. This option is not as easy as it seems and there are qualifications and things you need to consider before going for this deal. Apart from paying for the online degree programmes in full, you can also pay by term and pay monthly. These loan options at Northcentral are interesting and innovative and are better than other online colleges which offer standard loans, scholarships and government grants. At the same time there are many other options. There are also qualifying lenders for Northcentral University’s tuition, and those are: SallieMae’s Signature Student Loan, Wells Fargo’s Education Connection Loan, and the Pentagon Federal Credit Union education loans. In addition, there are various payment options and systems for both undergraduate level and postgrad levels.

“We create a unique 100% online academic program just for you. Pursue your professional interests, receive personalized guidance from Faculty Mentors, and schedule learning at your own pace. Many online schools mandate weekly attendance, campus residency, and rigid, inflexible program requirements and term schedules. Not NCU!” This is what the NCU professors tell you in their advertising. Good reasons?

These are their reasons for studying with Northcentral and I think that these are good reasons for you to consider. Payment in terms of the payment costs of your education is reasonable, the payment schedule is rather convenient and systematic, there are many good loan opportunities and work and earn opportunities that are good chances to make money while studying to pay for fees, and in addition, Northcentral University has no known controversies which is excellent for its reputation. There are many good reasons to study there. It might be worth your consideration for online degrees, especially masters and PhDs. All the best for your education and thanks and cheers for reading.

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