Narrowing Down Your Search for Colleges Offering Online Degrees

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Narrowing Down Your Search for Colleges Offering Online Degrees

Online degrees are an excellent opportunity for a large number of people. Attending a school online means people can go to school without quitting their jobs, arranging for babysitters, and the hassle of traveling back and forth from various classrooms.

Colleges offering online degrees are booming, and as long as these degrees prove to be successful the number of schools will keep increasing. Here are some tips and suggestions in finding the school that is right for you.


Start with what you want to do: Choosing a good school that offers online degrees is meaningless if they don’t offer the program or degree you need. When searching for an appropriate school be sure you know what kind of program you’re looking for.

Ask for the stats: When you have a list of schools that offer online degrees in your preferred area of study, it’s important to look over the school’s statistics. If you can’t find any statistics, contact the school for studies, referrals, and any other information you can get. If they don’t have information on their own school, it is unlikely they have a quality program.

Class size: When browsing the statistics of a college offering online degrees, average class size or a student to faculty ratio is a very important factor in predicting your educational experience. Online classes can host a large number of students for a single teacher, but too many students can make it difficult to receive prompt answers to e-mails and other questions.

Eligibility Requirements: Some online colleges have certain requirements that must be met before accepting students. Most of these involve academic backgrounds, some programs require a high school diploma, some an associate’s degree, some a bachelor’s degree, etc. Some programs are more specific, requiring a previous degree in a similar subject. Be sure you qualify for the program you wish to enter before enrolling in an online degree.

Are the credits transferable?: This is an important thing to find out. Many will begin an online degree and then wish to transfer to an on-campus location. Others will complete a degree like an associates degree, then wish to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program elsewhere. Contacting local colleges and universities or places you might try and transfer credits to will accept credits from the specific online college.

Is it actually online?: Many online colleges aren’t entirely online. Many require frequent mailings of papers and assignments, others will send video recordings through the mail, or require frequent trips to an on-campus location. Whether this is a deal breaker or not is a matter of personal preference, however, it is vital to understand the nature of the course work before enrolling.

Alumni Services: Alumni services can often go overlooked by those applying to a school. However, alumni services may be the most helpful means of finding a job once you graduate. Alumni networks, career centers, and many other offerings can be particularly helpful in getting the most out of your online degree.



The number of Colleges offering online degrees is growing rapidly. It’s essential that potential students have a road map to ensuring that they get the best education possible.

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