Most Popular Online Degrees of 2009 – A Quick Analysis!

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Most Popular Online Degrees of 2009 – A Quick Analysis!

The popularity of the internet and its applications in online learning has resulted in many students turning to the internet for their tertiary education. The online educational environment allows students to study at their own time and convenience thus allowing them to perform other daily activities. Some courses are also cheaper online than in traditional educational institutions. Due to this high demand for online education, online education now not only features those universities that specialize in this form of education but also includes many traditional universities who are now resorting to online training for their students. This has made the business of online education fiercely competitive resulting in some being left behind. Some of the top online degree programs include:


The economic climate have spurned a high interest in business related subjects as many students either want to have an understanding of the financial world to either capitalize on its offerings or prevent themselves from falling into the abyss of financial failure. This is a highly competitive field of study that requires constant upgrade to keep in tune with it trends and bends. This degree is offered at all levels of education such as the Associate, Bachelor, Master and PhD levels.

Criminal Justice

Graduates of an Online Criminal Justice Degree program have access to high paying jobs and a well-respected profession. This lures many students to pursue online degrees in criminal justice. In addition, the satisfaction of performing a service to the community by the pursuit of justice adds another dimension to the profession. Some of the areas included in this profession are law enforcement, security services and forensic science.

Art and Design

Despite the harsh economic climate, individuals still view public spaces, good architecture, graphic designs and animations as means of releasing the tension and stresses of everyday life. As a result, there is a steady demand for qualified artists, draftsmen and graphic designers who can create these products for public consumption. These individuals command credible salaries that attract many students to pursue online courses in this field.

Computer Science

The field of computer science has become so wide and diverse as we now include computers in every aspect of our lives. As a result, many students flock to online computer science degree programs to exploit the many job opportunities that the profession offers. Computer science offers job opportunities in industries such a manufacturing, tourism, finance, health, web development and communications.


One positive spin off from the economic meltdown is the vast amounts of individuals who are upgrading their education and a form of retooling. This has created many job opportunities for online teachers who are required to teach this army of online students. As a result, many individuals, including working professionals pursue online teaching courses so that they can be qualified to teach in online institutions.


Online engineering degree programs are a mainstay of online universities. No matter what type of hype is created about other online degree programs, the online degree in engineering remains a favorite. Surveys show that most of the demand however has shifted from bachelors programs to engineering programs at the postgraduate level as many working professionals seek to upgrade their qualification without interrupting their regular schedule.

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