Low Cost, Best Value Online Degree Programs

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Low Cost, Best Value Online Degree Programs

With the current economic situation, and many people laid off from jobs, going back to school until the job market expands is an option that is becoming extremely popular.  However, most of us want to cut costs as much as possible.  But, are there low-cost options for earning a college degree?  What is the best value online degree?  And are those options viable?

Online degree programs are inherently more cost effective than traditional on-campus degree programs for several reasons, and they are becoming more widely accepted than ever before by employers.  (See Online Degrees – Do Employers Like Them?)

First, since students may study from their home or office, or from anywhere they have access to a computer with an Internet connection, there is no travel involved.  Therefore, students don’t have out of pocket expenses for car, gas, and parking.

In addition, many online degree programs offer all of the study materials completely online, included in the costs of the tuition – so there are no additional expensive text books to purchase.

For adult students, online degree programs are a boon since they don’t have to leave home and hire a babysitter while they attend classes.  Most online curriculum are self-paced, so students can study any day and any time it is most convenient for them.

Students save in other ways, too.  Since there is no travel, and since students may study anytime their own schedule allows, there is no need to quit a job in order to attend classes.  So, there is no lost income if you currently have good employment.

Some top universities offer accelerated online degree programs that may be completed in as little as 10 – 24 months, entirely online, saving students time and money.  Some of these schools include:  American InterContinental University Online (AIU); University of Phoenix Online; and  Colorado Technical University Online.


Some of the most low cost online degree programs are available from top universities such as American Sentinel University and Ashford University.  Both universitites pride themselves on offering a high quality education at the lowest possible cost.

Whether you have found yourself laid off from a job, or you have a good job that you want to keep, online degree programs through distance learning are one of the best values, and among the lowest cost option.

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