K-12 Education Online Degree Programs

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K-12 Education Online Degree Programs

K-12 Education Online Degree Programs

An online K-12 education degree program teaches the fundamentals of class instruction in four areas: early childhood, elementary, middle school and high school. A degree in this field allows you to choose the subject area and grade level you wish to teach. K-12 teachers utilize a variety of instructional techniques and materials to communicate ideas. Most online institutions offer a broad selection of degrees and certification to K-12 educators. The amount of training you require will depend on your level of education, experience and desired area of specialty.

Getting an online K-12 education degree will allow you to acquire the specialized training needed for advancement opportunities in your current career while continuing to work in your present job. These programs are also beneficial to those seeking a career change.

K-12 Education Degree Programs Online
Associate Degrees in K-12 Education

An Associate Degree in K-12 education is typically a two-year academic program that prepares you for a career as a support staffer or teacher assistant in areas of early childhood education, child development or daycare work. Courses covered will include topics in classroom management and lesson planning.

Bachelor Degrees in K-12 Education

Bachelor degree programs in K-12 education will vary depending on the subject area and grade level you wish to teach but they include general courses in child development, education techniques and classroom management. Students who successfully complete a Bachelor’s degree in K-12 education will have the appropriate qualifications to teach in public and private schools at the preschool, middle school or high school levels. A Bachelor’s degree in education is also the required qualification needed to obtain licensure in the state you wish to teach. It also keeps you on track for a graduate degree program that can qualify you for a department head or administrator position within the field.

Masters in K-12 Education

Masters of Education degree programs provide specific training to K-12 educators depending on the grade level or subject area they wish to specialize in. These programs cover a wide range of courses in areas such as school administration, advanced classroom instruction, educational leadership, elementary reading and literacy and middle level education. They also allow for concentration in mathematics, science or education administration such as counseling, educational technology or curriculum design.
Top Schools that provide Online Degrees in K-12 Education

* University of Phoenix
* Capella University
* Jones International University Online
* Western Governors University

Salary Range for K-12 Educators

Salaries for K-12 educators with an advanced degree will vary depending on the level of training, experience, position and employer. The average salary for elementary, middle and secondary school teachers is around ,000 per year. An administrator in a senior position can earn an average ,000 to 0,000 per year. Chris M. Alexander
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