Is Pursuing A English Bachelor Degree Online Worthwhile?

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Is Pursuing A English Bachelor Degree Online Worthwhile?

Pursuing an English bachelor degree online is potentially a great career move. This may sound surprising to some who see the pursuit of English degrees as a springboard to a teaching career. But as you read on, you realize that this degree is more than that.

Having a command of the English language is a very important asset. Whether you want a career in education or business, there is just no substitute for being able to express yourself verbally or in writing, in a clear and creative manner.

Just have a cursory look at one of the world’s biggest industries – entertainment. Plays, sitcoms, movies and songs all depend on articulate and creative writers and performers who have a way with the English language. This industry generates billions of dollars annually all because people are entertained by the expression of words.

In the corporate world, the demand for employees who are able to use language in creative or practical ways is also in high demand. Some employees find it hard to write reports that “compare and contrast” certain business strategies. Or they find it hard to write reports that synthesize wordy business plans that their bosses are too busy to read.

For a graduate who has done an English bachelor degree online, writing a “compare and contrast” report or writing a report that distills the information of a much bigger report should not be difficult. Such a graduate has been trained to distill information, to think analytically and critically and to speak and write in creative and grammatically correct ways.

These are skills that are in demand in education institutions, governments and businesses. Even people who serve in the highest offices recognize how invaluable graduates of English degrees are.

When presidents and prime ministers all across the world are addressing their constituents or fellow world leaders, those speeches are not written by the leaders themselves. Rather, their speech writers do that for them. Many of these speech writers are graduates with English degrees.

So as you can see, pursuing an English bachelor degree online is not an undertaking that will limit you to the classroom. No; rather it could open up career opportunities across a variety of fields.

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