How to Get Your Online College Degree Faster and Cheaper

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How to Get Your Online College Degree Faster and Cheaper

Accredited online degree programs are growing and have become the wave of the future.  Based on a recent survey by the National Center for Education Statistics, 2 out of every 3 colleges (66%) have accredited distance learning degree programs already in place!

Hidden from the front page of most colleges is the fact that there are many nontraditional ways you can get online accredited degrees. The most frequently asked question that comes to mind is, “Is this for real?” The good news is YES!

You can save substantial time and money by using these proven and accepted methods of learning. These tips and suggestions will help you to be first in line for future jobs.

1.   Work in your field of study and join that field?s professional societies. Your employer or a society member may pay for any online accredited degrees that you decide to get. You will get contacts for future jobs while you gain knowledge of your area of study.

2.   Take CLEP tests. Most colleges will accept CLEP test credits. If you have no prior knowledge of a CLEP subject you may be able to study for three weeks at 2-4 hours a day and still pass the exam. The cost for a CLEP test is under 0, about half the cost of the same college course.

3.   Enroll in online college courses from traditional universities or from accredited online colleges. Other types of courses may be on flash drives or self-study classes where you read a book and take quizzes.

4.   Use your life experiences. This is also called portfolio-based assessment. If you have years of experience in your field of study this knowledge may be used toward an accredited online degree.

5.   Pass DANTES tests, also called DSST tests. They are very similar to CLEP tests, but with a more narrow focus on a subject.

6.   Study and take AP tests. Called Advanced Placement exams, these tests are not as easy as CLEPS and DANTES tests. However, they are widely recognized by most colleges.

7.   Sit for challenge exams. Similar to final exams, colleges administer their own challenge exams. The exams may be offered for college courses not covered by CLEP and DANTES tests.

8.   Test with ECE, Excelsior College Examinations. ECE tests, which are similar to other credit-earning tests, are accepted by many accredited online colleges.

9.   Submit licenses and certifications for consideration toward an accredited online degree. Examples are: emergency-medical technology license, FAA private pilot airplane license, CPA certification, and FEMA certification.

10.  Educate yourself with training programs from companies, unions, or professional associations. Many training programs are ACE (American Council on Education) evaluated and approved. This means that many colleges will accept these courses for credit toward online accredited degrees.

11.  Earn college credit for military training. If your military training school has been evaluated by ACE then you may apply this credit toward your accredited distance learning degree.

12.  Attend other accredited colleges and your credits earned may count toward your online degree. Sometimes 30-60 credits or more can be transferred to college degrees online.

13.  Sign up with Aleks for online college courses in math or statistics. When you complete at least 70% of designated courses you are awarded ACE credit, which can then be applied toward certain accredited online degree programs.

If you cannot find information about these cost-cutting and time-saving ways in your college?s catalog or on their website, call their testing center or admissions department and ask! Not all methods are accepted by all accredited online colleges. So, be sure to check with your particular online college.

If all these study method options leave your head swimming, you may want to turn your planning over to CollegePlus, a coaching program that helps you achieve your accredited distance learning degree quickly and for less. Even with the cost of the coaching, your overall cost is still less than a
traditional degree.

By using even one of these methods, you can get an accredited online degree faster and cheaper. Then, when you get the job of your dreams, consider going back to get higher-level college degrees online and expect to earn even more! Don Ellis
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