How much does it Cost to Get an Online Degree?

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How much does it Cost to Get an Online Degree?

Online education becoming the order of the day, students flock towards online educational institutions offering online degree courses of their choice. Online courses offer flexibility and convenience forbidden by on campus educational courses. When it comes to the question of cost of online degree courses, are they less expensive than regular degree program?

Cost of Online Degree Courses

The price for which these online degree courses are offered is a determinant factor in the choice of courses and educational institution. If you are of the opinion that online degree programs are offered at throw away prices, you should understand reality has a different story to offer. Except for certain location and time factor flexibilities offered, the cost is all the same.

Naturally your question would be “Then, why are students opting for online courses?” Let my explain with the help of certain facts about online degree colleges and their courses. Like traditional college campus courses, the fee structure differs depending upon the online educational institution chosen. While community colleges charge less, private elite colleges definitely charge a bomb!

Online Degree Program – Cost Calculation

How is the cost determined in case of online educational courses? That’s a good and a basic question to know. Well the course fee is based on the semester hour requirements of the course opted for. While a student is required to complete 60 semester hours in case of an associate degree program, the requirement is 120 hours in case of a bachelor’s degree program.

The fee charged by online colleges vary from to 00 per semester hour depending upon where you intend to pursue your course. While community colleges and in state colleges offer education with the lowest semester hour cost. Prestigious institutions definitely charge the highest possible rate per semester hour. And the cost of your bachelors or associate degree is the product of your semester hour requirement and the cost per hour.

The tuition cost in the State of Florida is about 0 per semester hour, whereas it just around 0 in a community college in the state. Hence your degree program could cost around ,000 or ,000 as the case may be.

Your choice of institution determines your affordability, the decision is yours!

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