How Do I Know If Online College Is Right For Me?

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How Do I Know If Online College Is Right For Me?

Although the popularity of online colleges is on the increase, online colleges are not for all students. Before choosing whether to attend an online institution, one must first perform a self-assessment to determine if you can cope with the requisites of being a successful online student.

First, forget about the notion that I will choose a particular online institution because that the one my friends choose. Every student have varying educational capabilities and this will become evident when the course work becomes difficult. An online college is like cloths, one size does not fit all.

Ensure that you have the time to dedicate to your studies. Because classes of online colleges are unsupervised, it makes it easy for students to miss classes. As a result, studying online requires significant self-motivation and discipline to be successful. Students must establish and maintain their schedule in order to complete their course within a specified time.

If you are an individual who does not want to travel or relocate to attend college, then online colleges are your answer. With online colleges, the classroom is brought to your living room and you can study in your own convenience. Although the social interaction is restricted to digital contact, the distractions of traditional institutions is eliminated allowing students to study undisturbed. This model also benefits individuals whose learning patterns favor the use of technology such as web conference, email and chat rooms.

Do not be fooled by thinking that because the course is done online that there will be any difference in the quality of the material. All online colleges must be accredited based on the quality of their online course work. As a result, if you think you will struggle in a traditional institution, chances are you will struggle also in an online college. However, online colleges have one secret weapon. Online college students are able to revisit previous course with the click of a button. So this can be used to re-enforce whatever week points they may have.

Questions to Ask Yourself

As mentioned before, a personal examination is required before making a decision if an online college is best for you. Some of the questions students can ask themselves are:

* Do I need to be in a classroom environment to bring out my best educational achievements or I can survive on my own

* Do I have to have face to face contact with a professor to be able to understand the course work material

* How technologically savvy am I? How well do I navigate the internet and can access web media

* Do I have the discipline to study on my own

* Due I have the time to dedicate to my studies

Top Online Colleges

There are many online colleges available, offering courses in just about any subject area and specialization known. Many accreditation boards are used to maintain the standards of these online colleges however, not all will be at the same standard. Some of the most accredited online colleges are:

* Kaplan University

* Ashford University

* University of Phoenix

* Liberty University Online

* DeVry University

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