Getting a College Degree is Easier and Less Expensive Online

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Getting a College Degree is Easier and Less Expensive Online

Are you contemplating returning to school to finally finish your college degree? Have you thought about returning but just don’t seem to be able to find the time? Are you concerned about the costs of completing your degree? Can you afford not to? Did you know that you can now complete your college degree online, and you can do so from the comfort of your own home and as your schedule will allow?

Every year thousands of people discover the rewards of returning to college. However, carving out time to go to class doesn’t always fit into the agenda of a busy adult. Between work and commuting, taking the kids to soccer or ballet, and taking care of the routine errands, driving to campus and getting to class may not be an option. Online college is a convenient solution for anyone who wants to complete a degree for professional growth or for the simple satisfaction of finally finishing school.

Online colleges and universities offer varied programs and schedules. Online students can log onto their school of choice, participate in interactive programs, read course material, take tests on the material and participate in online discussions covering the material they have studied.

Can you afford not to earn your degree? You may think that online college would be costly however the average cost of an online degree can be half of the cost at a state or private institution. Studies have shown that over a lifetime, a worker with a college degree will earn almost Million more than someone with just a high school diploma.

There has been concern about the credibility of online degrees and how they are perceived by employers. Are online degrees as respected as those awarded by traditional institutions? A study by Vault, Inc. in 2006 found that over 80% of employers found online degrees to be more credible than they did in 2001. In addition, the percentage of employers that stated they would hire an employee who had earned an online degree was over 85%.

Identifying the right college to help you accomplish your goals is a simple endeavor. As you would when making any other major life decision, research is important. Ask questions and seek the advice of others who may have attended college online. Determine how much time per week you are willing to devote to studying and participating in the online classes and be realistic about how much time will be required to complete both. Choose a field of study that truly interests you as well. A good part of your life will be devoted to this subject while you earn your degree online so it might as well be something you like.

Make sure you find a college that meets your requirements.Some of these should be:
-availability of financial assistance
-how transferrable course units will be
-length of time to complete your degree program
-overall cost

After finding the right school, the application process and class selection is made online. Within a few minutes a new student can be on the road to completing their college education. Taking those first few steps to further your career or personal development is easier than ever before. Once you do it you will probably look back and wonder what you were waiting for.


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