Fast Track Degree Programs – How Many Years Do They Take To Finish?

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Fast Track Degree Programs – How Many Years Do They Take To Finish?

It seems like the whole world is speeding up these days, and the realm of education and school is no different. Accelerated degrees are becoming much more popular than they ever used to be for a wide range of reasons. The most obvious of course is that they just take less time to complete than standard programs! But how long do they take, and what accounts for this?

Different programs are always going to take slightly different amounts of time to complete, and you can expect that regardless of what you’re studying. On your end, individual factors and circumstances that can affect your program time length include the field that you’re choosing to study in, and the amount, if any, of preexisting credits that you’re transferring over.

Even with these individual factors in mind, there are still a few basic guidelines that you can use to learn more about accelerated programs and how long they last. Most people consider that guideline to be accelerated programs taking half the time to complete as their standard-paced counterparts. That means that bachelor’s degrees take four years instead of two years to complete, for example, but it could be even less, or more, potentially.

Accelerated programs don’t get finished in half the time by taking double the classes at once, that’s too much to ask and wouldn’t realistically work for most individuals. Instead, there are other issues at hand that allow accelerated degrees to be moved through quicker and more efficiently.

The best example of this is the quarter system, which replaces the traditional semester system for many accelerated degree options. Quarter systems have four separate class sessions in the year, each for about 12 or 13 weeks, which gets rid of those long breaks in between semesters that everyone is accustomed to.

Having the entire summer off and an entire month in winter off for students is great, it’s fun and it’s enjoyable. But it also wastes four or more months of the year where you’re sitting idly by. Instead, quarter systems move from one class session to the next, so that you finish more classes in one year simply by avoiding long breaks in your studies.

One reason why this is so successful, and widespread, today is the use of the online platform for school and education. This makes doing work more convenient, more flexible and more customized, so that you can entirely dictate when, where and how you get everything done. In this way, you can better juggle all of the other tasks and responsibilities that you likely have in your life, ranging from family and personal time, to full-time jobs and much more.

When people think about accelerated degrees, the guideline to use is that it will take half the time of a traditionally paced program of the same variety. This can fluctuate up and down though depending on a number of different things, but either way, you’ll likely be utilizing both the quarter system and the online platform for moving ahead quickly and efficiently.

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