Earning an Associate Degree Online in Law Opens Up a World of Opportunities

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Earning an Associate Degree Online in Law Opens Up a World of Opportunities

International education careers are booming in response to global demand for educated workers. English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching is at the forefront, fueled by the emergence of English as the international language of business and diplomacy. Education administrators are also in demand, charged with developing programs to prepare workers for the global marketplace.

U.S. universities have introduced many online degree programs to accommodate international demand for U.S.-educated teachers and administrators.

ESL Teaching

English as a Second Language teachers serve an estimated one billion students worldwide. International students aspiring to ESL teacher licensure can access high-quality TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and ESL programs online. TEFL training takes 40 hours for the basic certificate, and 60 for more grammar-intensive study. ESL programs offer a more involved curriculum appropriate for teachers who are themselves non-native speakers. Courses cover testing and evaluation, cross-cultural communication, curriculum development, and basic linguistics.

ESL teaching programs are typically designed for aspiring teachers who are already fluent in spoken and written English. If English is your second language, advanced English conversation and writing courses can help you prepare for ESL teacher licensure.

Education Administration in a Global Context A bachelor’s or master’s degree in education administration offers a valuable credential for students involved in education abroad. A degree in college administration, for example, covers the basics of running an educational institution: budgeting, establishing school policies, coordinating daily operations, setting educational standards, and evaluating student performance.

International students may need to supplement their secondary or college education with courses in written communication and language skills. The global economy creates new opportunities for workers with the right qualifications–namely, the technical expertise and communication skills to meet the needs of multinational employers. International students with education degrees have the insight and knowledge to develop these critical training resources worldwide.

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