Earning an Associate Degree Online Improves Your Chances of Promotion

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Earning an Associate Degree Online Improves Your Chances of Promotion

One of the most cost effective and productive ways to enhance your chances of promotion in today’s workforce is to pursue an Associate Degree online. Many people don’t realize that an Associate Degree can be the key to demonstrating your value to your current employer or to opening the door to a better opportunity with another company.

In decades past, companies typically required the Bachelor’s degree for employees that were being groomed for higher-level management positions. Today, this attitude has largely fallen by the wayside as companies have come to realize that an Associate’s Degree teaches the same valuable skills and competencies in a more distilled form. Combining an Associate’s Degree with real-life work experience is, in fact, a golden combination that many employers now actively seek.

Employers want to promote the individuals who demonstrate leadership and a drive to succeed in addition to being able to do their job well. Nothing says more about your initiative and dedication than being able to tell your employer that, while working for him or her, you’ve also been attending college classes and have achieved an Associate’s Degree that will make you even more of an asset to the company.

An Associate Degree is Practical for Returning Students

For individuals already in the workforce, there are many advantages to getting an Associate Degree online as well. Let’s face it; if you’re in your thirties and want to obtain a degree to further your career, you aren’t interested in those two extra years of electives and cultural classes that a four-year liberal arts degree can load you down with. An Associate’s program features classes that are tightly focused on what you need and can use.

Cost is always a concern when you’re supporting a family or are out on your own, and an Associate Degree online can be earned in as little as two years, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the cost of a four-year program. Add in the cost of commuting to a traditional college and you’ll save even more.

There’s no getting around the fact that working and going to school will be time-consuming, but when you’re taking your classes online, you’re setting your own hours and deciding when you will be doing the work so that the classes fit your schedule, not the other way around. You can set aside the time you need when it’s right for you and work at your own pace. If you need an extra semester, you can take it and still attain your Associate’s Degree more quickly than most other degrees.

Associate Degrees Online Span Industries

Studying for an Associate’s Degree doesn’t mean settling on a general degree, either. In fact, you can obtain a specialized degree in industries ranging from law enforcement to health care. If you’re working in a job that’s a dead-end, working on one of these degrees can give you the means to change careers completely in just a few short years while you work.

Law enforcement and legal degrees include criminal justice and paralegal studies, or you can study for various healthcare or insurance related careers. Business Associate’s Degrees are even more varied, with options ranging from human resources to accounting.

Whether you’re considering changing your career or you simply want to improve your chances of promotion, getting an Associate Degree online is one of the best steps you can take to jumpstart your future.

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