Earn an Online Degree From a Leading Online Christian College

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Earn an Online Degree From a Leading Online Christian College

Regent University Online: The Foundation for a Life of Success

Whether you’ve just graduated high school or are looking to attend college after years of experience and wisdom gained in the workforce, an online degree from Regent University can be the key to entering the career of your calling. Through the flexibility and depth of our online degree program, you can now pursue your degree while balancing the other aspects of your life, including your family, friends, work and your spiritual growth.

Learn more about Regent University online learning. <http://www.regent.edu/acad/undergrad/online/howitworks.cfm>


Why Choose an Online Education at Regent University?

When you graduate from an accredited online degree program at Regent University, you’re more than a college graduate or a qualified job applicant — you’re an ambassador, representative and disciple of the Christian faith. You are someone others can depend on, trust and entrust to go the extra mile. We send students into the world ready to face the challenges inherent to their chosen fields with the confidence and grace that derives from fortified intellect and a spiritual life grounded in timeless truth.


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Learn why so many students choose to get a top-ranked education from Regent University.

<< http://www.regent.edu/acad/undergrad/featured/reasons-students-choose-a-christian-college.cfm>>


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Success at Regent’s Online University Means Success in Life

Ranked the Top Christian University by the Online Education Database, Regent University prepares its students to change the world — from anywhere in the world. Every day, our college graduates all over the world are making a positive difference in philanthropy, advocacy, industry, literature, film, communication, law, music, religion and many other facets of society. By cultivating their leadership talent and world vision through a faith-based curriculum, Regent University graduates possess a spirituality that guides them throughout their career path.


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The Advantages of Regent University Online Education: A Different Path to the Same Goal

Students who graduate from Regent University have the tools necessary to succeed in all walks of life. Governors, senators, authors, principals and notable professionals around the world earned their college degrees here. As a student in our online university, your coursework follows the same rigorous curriculum as our on-campus college courses. In addition, you’ll find the same levels of devotion and support from our online faculty along with hundreds of resources readily available through Regent’s online library. While it may be more feasible to balance family time and work schedules as an online student, you can expect the same time requirements for an online course as you would for a traditional class. You bring the dedication, work ethic and self-discipline — we’ll provide you with the rest.


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