Earn A Doctoral Degree Online Through Accredited PhD Programs

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Earn A Doctoral Degree Online Through Accredited PhD Programs

Online accredited PhD programs are designed to help students obtain highly regarded doctoral degrees while they work full-time or support a family. Distance learning offers a level of convenience and flexibility that cannot be found in a ground school. Earning a PhD can help a person who holds a master’s degree to advance their career even further. Accredited PhD programs are available online in a variety of fields like education, healthcare, business, or human services.

If you’ve already earned a master’s degree but want to take your career to the next level, earning a PhD can help you do it. And online learning may be the best option for working adults who have busy lives full of responsibilities and commitments.

When searching for any kind of degree program, accreditation status is essential, especially for doctorate degrees. Unfortunately, many unaccredited schools attract students by offering the potential to earn a prestigious doctoral degree that would qualify them to work among the top professionals in a field. But, a PhD earned through an unaccredited school or organization is basically useless to employers.

To help future students verify the accreditation status of a school, The U.S. Department of Education provides an online database containing past and present accreditation information for over 6,900 education institutions. Potential students can use this resource to search by school, accrediting agency, or location to verify the status of an accredited PhD program. U.S. education standards are based on the Higher Education Act of 1965 and accreditation status or non-status depends on guidelines set by the actual accrediting agency.

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