Do Not Earn Your Degree Online, Or You Will Regret!

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Do Not Earn Your Degree Online, Or You Will Regret!

Deciding an education option to pursue a degree might be hard since you have at least 2 options to choose from: traditional campus-based programs or online degree programs. Although online education has been introduced for many years, many students and parents still have consecutive mindset about an online degree. When you try to ask for opinion from family members and friends before you decide an education option to go for, many of them will ask you to avoid getting your degree online. Most of them will advise you to follow the traditional path because the campus-based degrees are more valuable and better accepted in the job market. Are they right?

Well, if you were deciding an online degree 20 years ago, you should follow the advice to purse the campus-based degree program because online degrees were not widely accepted in the job markets. Students who earned an online degree at that time will find difficulties to secure a job because online degrees were not widely accepted as the qualification measurement by most employers. This was the fact, but it is not the fact for today.

Online education has improved and growth rapidly to meet the demand of education market. More and more students are opt for this option to pursue their degree and enjoy the benefits from the features of online learning such as the convenient and flexible of learning environment that enables them to learning from anywhere and at any time. According to the statistical reports found, online degrees are treated as the same with the other degrees earned from campus by employers as long as the online degrees are awarded by accredited online universities or colleges. And, online students who are graduated from their degree programs have no problem to compete with other job candidates to secure a rewarding career.

Therefore, the acceptance of online degrees in the job market is not a question anymore. Although there are still people with their conservative mindset to advise you not to earn your degree online, it should not be the key consideration when deciding your education option. In fact, it is more important to decide whether you are more suitable to be an online student or have better chances to success as a traditional campus-based student. Even though online education provides many features that will benefit an online student, if you are not the type of student who can adapt to online learning format, then you should follow the traditional path to earn a campus-based degree.

On the other hand, if the online learning format suits your learning style, then you can opt for online education. But, one thing you need to be careful when selecting an online degree program is: you have to make sure the degree program is offered by an accredited school. If you have made sure you are pursuing a legitimate online degree from an accredited school, then you do not need to worry about the acceptance of the degree in the job market or facing any difficulty in finding job due to your degree is earned from online education.


Today’s job market is widely accepting online degrees as the qualification measurement and the degrees are treated equally with the campus-based degrees. Therefore, choosing to pursue your degree online or following the traditional campus-based path should be based on your preference and which option suits you better.

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