Career Outlook & Job opportunities for Online Degree in Counseling Graduates

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Career Outlook & Job opportunities for Online Degree in Counseling Graduates

Successful Counselors have an interest in helping others and this attribute has opened many career opportunities for professionally trained counselors. Counselors assist graduates with career, educational, and personal concerns. These professionals work hand and hand with other experts that specialize in giving assistance and guidance to the community at large such as clinical workers, social workers, and psychologists. Graduate counselors are required to have earned postgraduate degrees to qualify for employment in this field. The degrees required can be earned via distance learning with online degree programs offered by colleges and universities around the country. Each state sets the requirements to qualify as a counselor and the conditions for licensing. According to government statistics the career outlook and job opportunities for those with online degrees that qualify them to be counselors will expand into the coming decade.   

The Work Of A Trained Graduate Counselor

Professionally prepared graduate counselors help undergraduate and postgraduate students with handling various issues that come up when making career, education, and life decisions. Trained counselors help them cope with problems and issues that will affect their futures. High schools, colleges, government, and private offices are just a few of the areas where those who have chosen this career field will work. For example, counselors assist graduates with:

  • Career advice
  • Job seeking
  • Planning continuing education, and with
  • Life planning in general
  • And more…

Generally, the professional graduate counselor assists students and graduates in their quest to reach their goals and in becoming thriving members of society.

Licensing Requirement A Career In Counseling

There are varieties of variables, which vary from state to state when it comes to licensing for professionally trained counselors. Added to the variables in state licensing there is also variances where a counselor works and any specialties they may have trained for. However, the majority of states and jobs insist applicants have master’s degree level coursework, some sort of supervised clinical internship and in many cases pass qualifying exams.

Degree Requirements For Graduate Counselors  

Most counselors currently working have earned master’s degrees however; there is employment available for those with only bachelor’s degree and counseling certification. All of the above can be obtained with an accredited online degree or certificate program.

Job Outlook A Career with an Online Degree In Counseling 

The career outlook for employment with an online degree in counseling appears to be above the national average when compared to other degree fields. Government numbers prove that, careers in counseling grew by more than 20 percent in the current decade. This will continue for the near future. 

Career Outlook & Job opportunities for Online Degree in Counseling Graduates

If the above has peaked your interest, check into a career in counseling. Online degree programs can aid you in getting started with with the educational requirements. The rest is up to you. 

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