Best Value Online Degrees

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Best Value Online Degrees

With all the uncertainty in the economy you may be thinking that it is a good time to earn your degree, in order to be more competitive in the job market. However, that same bad economy may have you worried that the degree won’t be worth the time and money that you spend on it now.

First of all, a college degree will nearly always be valuable in the long term. Recent studies by the US Census Bureau have shown that college degree holders make on average around 0 more per week than those persons with only a high school diploma. And, of course, if you earn a higher degree like your Masters you’ll earn more than someone only holding a Bachelor degree, and so on.

Still, at this juncture, earning a degree is an investment that deserves careful thought. An online degree offers value since you may continue working at your current job, while earning your degree. Online degrees are the most economical and convenient method to earn any type of college degree. You don’t have to quit your job, travel to a campus location, take an extraordinary amount of time away from your family, or spend many years to earn a degree.

Online degree programs are self-paced, allowing students to earn a degree as fast as their personal schedule allows. So if you can devote more time to your studies, with an accelerated online degree program such as those offered by American InterContinental University OnlineAshford University or University of Phoenix Online, you may complete your degree in as little as 10 months!

When it comes to low – cost options, there are some top online universities that pride themselves on offering high quality distance learning degree programs at the lowest tuition cost. For example, American Sentinel University and Ashford University are among the lowest cost online degree programs. They not only offer an excellent value, but offer many different majors from which to choose. In addition, some of these programs are also accelerated, enabling students to complete their degree online much faster than an on-campus program.

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