A Reply to Online College Degree Critiques

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A Reply to Online College Degree Critiques

We hear so much about online college degrees and how convenient they are for those who wish to get a degree in the non traditional way. The main advantage of an online degree is that you don’t have to attend campus daily or stick to a set time table. You have the ability to do your studies from home at any time convenient to you and the possibility of doing a job while studying is also a very attractive aspect of following an online degree course.

Many online college degree critiques also point out that online students are not dedicated to their studies.  One of the main contentions  is that the onus of studying for the exam lies on the student whereas when you pursue a traditional degree, there is a set time table to be followed and certain disciplines to be adhered to without which you will not be allowed to stay on in the campus. When the course is followed online however, there’s no compulsion to submit work on time and this tends to make most students lackadaisical resulting in them taking a long time to complete their course. Therefore, unless a student is  motivated into completing his online degree, he will take his own sweet time to go through the course and might not even complete it even after paying the fees.

There are some critiques who complain that online degree courses are of low quality and that there is no teacher guidance. This all depends on the school a student has selected to do his course. There are good schools and bad schools. An accredited campus based school will genuinely help students by making sure they are provided with all study material as well as guidance, where they can always interact with their teachers online to get assistance with their studies.

Another disadvantage cited by online college degree critiques is that students need to have a high level of computer literacy not to mention a home PC and a high speed internet connection to access the online lectures.  Well, a student who wishes to pursue higher studies will anyway need a computer but it’s not necessary for him to be a computer wizard to carryout his studies online. A basic knowledge of internet browsing is all that is required for an online student.

Online college degree critiques also question the credibility of these online courses and tend to ask how genuine and recognized these degrees are and whether the online degree holders are eligible to get jobs based on their online qualifications. If the student gets himself enrolled in a bogus school that supplies fake certificates, it’s the student’s fault for not checking the credentials of the college before joining. While there are advantages and disadvantages like in everything else, the pros of an online college far outweigh the cons and that should be enough answer to online college degree critiques.

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