A Modern Education: Getting an Online College Degree

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A Modern Education: Getting an Online College Degree

The internet has created many a technical marvel, in a diverse number of fields. One such field is education. Once upon a time, getting a college degree meant moving to a city with a college that a student wanted to, and could, attend, living on campus, worrying about schedules, eating cafeteria food, and living in the dorms. Then came distance learning, where the college came to the student, but the student still had to deal with prohibitive tuition and admission limits.

Now, however, there is a third option: an online college degree. Online college degrees are degrees that are acquired from online-only colleges, of which there is a rapidly growing number. These colleges have no physical presence, being operated entirely on the internet, and they bequeath several distinct advantages to students. The first of these is location. Like a successful restaurant, a large part of higher education is location, location, location. Some people can’t or won’t move halfway across the country just to go to a specific college. With an online college degree, a student doesn’t have to. The college is wherever the student is, at any time.

The second advantage is twofold. Regular colleges have to deal with admission limitations, because of only being able to fit so many classes in per day, and so many students per class. They also have to deal with quotas for race, sex, and so forth, and that can cut down on any given students chances for admission. With an online college, this information doesn’t actually have to be reported in many cases, so the quotas are largely a non-issue, and with the lack of class times and class rooms, online colleges can accept a significantly larger number of students than a traditional university.

Lastly, there is the advantage is that of cost. A traditional university has to pay for power, upkeep, utilities, facilities, and equipment. An online university only has to pay for server time, internet connections, and the teachers, and thus has a much lower operating cost, which means a student will face much lower tuition rates.

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